Google has bad news for Zomato, what is it?

We talk about many mobile application purposes some are good for messaging purpose and some are good for the payment purpose. We deal with many such apps that are necessary for us especially the one which helps us order food in just a few clicks with smartphones. It is true […]

Now Google Map will navigate more easily to visually impaired

Everyone is thinking, those who are visually impaired can’t able to operate any mobile application. Are you agree with those people? Change your mind-set now, as we have special mobile applications for those visually impaired users that can’t see properly. The application is not new but the feature introduced by […]

For Android, Incognito mode is available in Google maps

You don’t want your internet history to be seen by any of the users so you always use the Incognito mode for this process. This is the best option for you all because it keeps your information save for the future. The question is, will this kind of feature is […]