Huawei got contract of 5G from approx 30 countries!!!

If you are running a business no matter it is a big industry or small. You can reach success if you have something better as compared to another one. India is a country where most of the industrialists work overseas too. Especially they want to get connected with the European […]

Soon Amazon will help those who wants to commit suicide!

Yes, you have heard right. Amazon will help those people who want to commit suicide. The Amazon has taken decision after seeing search result for book entitled ‘how to commit suicide’ in great number especially from the Indian market place but similar search results from the nations like U.K, U.S.A […]

‘Google job search’ is going through investigation by EU

There is no doubt to say that Google has something which other companies can’t show. What Google has done for its users is hard to expect from other big companies. We all are reading something special about Google these days whether they introduced us an advanced feature or something related […]

North Korean hackers are spying your ATM transactions!!!

You think you have a solution? Even the professional experienced users are not able to save us. Here I am highlighting about hacking which is going on these days and creating a big issue in our day to day life. Now we are not able to stop that and such […]

TikTok said no to paid political news

Just a simple and entertaining application TikTok once again in news. Do you know for which matter I am talking about? Controversies are unstoppable if we talking about the TikTok application because few months back, application get banned from a smartphone but again reinstated by the court. The application TikTok […]

Now Alexa is available with the multi lingual mode in India!

This new introduction of Alexa by Amazon is worth to operate as we already told you users find this a funny device where they can ask any question and Alexa speaks in their own funny way. You can’t say Alexa is just for few days and after that it will […]

How MeitY may have good news for the e-commerce sector?

Okay, one question before going deep into the topic, who promotes the exclusive and sustains the growth of IT and Electronics? A department in our country which is known as ‘Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’ and also known as “MeitY”. Now the department is in news as it reveals […]

Highlights from ‘India Mobile Congress 2019’

This October we saw the biggest event happen in New Delhi, India and the event is related to the biggest debate of 5G concept, Internet of Things and last but not least Artificial Intelligence. The event held from 14th October to 16th October 2019 and the event name is “India […]

Google decided not to launch its Google pixel 4 in India

If a smartphone is not launching on the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market which is India, how shocking moment it can be we can understand. India is one such country where the mobile phone business always gets a positive reaction and gain good fruit after investment. You need to accept the […]

From November 1st new Digital Payment rules will come in effect

This time are you gonna appreciate the efforts of the government of India or still think, this is a strategy for the election? Government wants to introduce this new update offered by them is looking for creating the awareness related to digital payment among populations. Of course, it is too […]

Beware, Reliance Jio users are in danger of smartphone hack!

Whenever someone talks about the free plans mobile scheme then we always remember the Reliance JIO. Reliance is the one who first started to provide free internet and calling process. We are not saying Airtel and Vodafone have not done anything but it comes after Reliance JIO. Now we think […]

Everything you need to know about the newly launched Aadhaar App

Every person has fear of losing their important documents, files, voter cards and ID cards. These ID cards and documents are very important for all of us as they help us to verify our identity and citizenship. One such card which gives us identity is our “Aadhaar card”. There are […]