How INDUSTRY 4.0 Transforming The Industry Production?

Industry 4.0 may appears to be new type of industry or factory but don’t get fooled. It is just a term invented for describing the fusion between traditional manufacturing and industrial practices within the technological world. Smart technology is the term used earlier for describing industry 4.0; Current phase is the phase […]

How IOT reserved its seat in automobile industry?

Everyone has full control over their business going on. This is possible only because of the invention of technology. These days which brings a major impact in every business. We remember the time when the industry is running as usual in a normal way. At that time no such high […]

“Internet of Things” future of mobile applications

If someone asks me that which industry is ruling across the world, then my answer will be mobile industry. We all are aware about its impact these days. Mobile industry is unstoppable and ready to face its competitors. It’s too difficult to match the level of the mobile industry. As […]

In future IOT connections will be enabled by satellite

To deal with the unreliability of terrestrial infrastructures, global tech market advisory firm has been announced that 24 million IOT connections will be enabled by satellite till 2024. According to a report there will be approximate 400 million IOT devices are available with cellular connections. This data has been taken […]

An upcoming event IOT Expo 2019

This time in my article I am going to tell you about the upcoming event of IOT, which is going to be held in Silicon Valley. What is the first thing you get to know when you heard a word conference or event? You all will give many opinions according […]