EVERYBODY WANTS SECURE MESSAGING APP. Developing any type of app is a long process but adding enough security features that makes an app secure enough to use freely without worrying is most difficult part. Same goes for idea of developing a secure messaging app even the flagship apps that are trending in […]

Apart from Whatsapp, which messaging apps are useful?

Thanks to all mobile application developers who have made various applications. As when we open our Google or apple play store, we can watch different different apps with same category. For example if you open your play store to download a gaming application, you can see various options for that. But here […]

Success story behind the best messaging app WhatsApp

Life is full of struggle. No doubt, you struggled too much, you don’t have good financial background and still you get success. Everyone looks for a success but let me tell you that success is not for sale. You have to earn it. To earn success is required your dedication […]

Four Android online messaging apps that works without internet

These days every application is at our fingertip. That is the reason the mobile application has made its own platform everywhere. We remember the time when people eagerly waiting to meet their family member who lives far away and at that time there were no such mobile phone in the […]

WhatsApp disappeared from Google Play Store, now it’s back!

Saturday on dated 12th October Google confirmed that WhatsApp is back now on play store. Some days before users watch out that the app is not available to download on the Google play store and users are complaining about that. Can you believe on fact that most trending messaging application […]