How Citiesagencies can help you build a Great Mobile App?

Mobile apps are sure becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are now investing in mobile app development. And why not since it can be hugely beneficial for a business? However, a big challenge can be to find the right mobile app development services that can help you build a […]

Google removed 29 photos stealing mobile applications

Fake mobile applications removed, now your picture is safe. Security is the first priority of everyone as every user first check whether the application is safe to use or not. These days many hackers are moving in the play store and their only motive is to steal the personal information […]

Truecaller apologized for its UPI bug

I think if an application got millions of user then the app is worth to download and keep in smartphone. I heard about the application which gets 130 million users who use this app and still having in their phone. The app is none-other than Truecaller. We always download the […]

Now you can share your file offline through Opera Mini?

We know the power of the internet and technology. Day by day it is increasing.  With the help of internet you can send files anywhere from one place to another. But now sharing files or anything that you want to send directly to next person in an offline mode or […]

Samsung launched its Samsung Pay Cash virtual card, what it is?

Easy mobile payment apps are many you can find but something unique feature has been presented by the company, the app is worth to operate. We are talking about the top trending company Samsung which introduced us to the application called ‘Samsung pay’ which is a properly secure one and […]

TikTok said no to paid political news

Just a simple and entertaining application TikTok once again in news. Do you know for which matter I am talking about? Controversies are unstoppable if we talking about the TikTok application because few months back, application get banned from a smartphone but again reinstated by the court. The application TikTok […]

Are you aware about Blue Mail?

Numbers of blogs on messaging applications and social media applications I presented, now let’s try to explore something interesting or new via this blog. So, let me ask you a question, are you aware of email applications? Of course, you know many apps but I guess few users here are […]

Now Google Map will navigate more easily to visually impaired

Everyone is thinking, those who are visually impaired can’t able to operate any mobile application. Are you agree with those people? Change your mind-set now, as we have special mobile applications for those visually impaired users that can’t see properly. The application is not new but the feature introduced by […]

22 million app ratings had been removed from the App store!

It will just take a few seconds to throw app developer’s work and their efforts to vain and this is what we saw recently on the Apple App Store. We decided to share with you so that you get to know that the App store can also be the victim […]