How Citiesagencies can help you build a Great Mobile App?

Mobile apps are sure becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are now investing in mobile app development. And why not since it can be hugely beneficial for a business? However, a big challenge can be to find the right mobile app development services that can help you build a […]

Cool SnapChat features you should know

Nowadays SnapChat is losing its popularity. After one year of its launch it got 10 million active users. Time to time SnapChat adopted some changes and launches some interesting features. But this is not enough, after that its popularity goes down and down regularly. This app is working in 22 […]

Have you ever heard about the Selendroid?

Most of the app developer thought that their work is to building the application and launching it on any platform and their job has been done. Folks not yet because your duty is incomplete. You have to check each and everything before the launch. You can’t take your app process […]

Snap launches the spectacles 3 with two HD cameras

Hello everyone! Today I am here to introduce to you one of social media application which provides the features of uploading the stories for just 24hrs and that is one and only Snapchat. I know most of you are aware about it. In this article you will get something amazing. […]

Why people are moving to Mastodon app?

Folks, if you don’t know then let me tell you a new revolutionary moment started in India called “Mastodon” lately. Mastodon is a social media bandwagon where if not everyone, but especially “Twitter operators” are jumping into. It is basically an app that is an alternative to Twitter. Recently, several […]