Facebook Launched Instagram Lite in 170 Countries

As reported by Facebook on last Wednesday, it is going to launch a ‘lite’ version for Instagram in 170 countries. Which countries are those? What is special in this ‘lite’ version of Instagram? Here’s all you need to know. Social networking has become an important part of our day-to-day lives. […]

How an applications can gain popularity?

Popularity is only motive to gain success in applications. With lots of efforts and some creativity, app developers always look for the success of their mobile applications. To make an app for the users it’s not an easy task. As it requires lots of attention and more market research. So that you get […]


In this digital era surviving without smart phone apps are not possible. Because the time has gone when apps are used to be for fun, playing and entertainment purposes only. Now apps have become a digital tool by the use of which we can organized and enhance our lifestyle. There is an app available for […]

What are the mobile applications for visually impaired users?

Helpful mobile apps for blind or visually impaired No matter whether you have busy schedules or busy in some personal work, do you think that use of the mobile application is must for you? Of course, you need every mobile application that helps you whether to text someone or want to send […]

App will work without internet, Is it possible?

How can you go outside to reach the destination if you don’t have your own conveyance? How can you book the air ticket through your smartphone? There are many such questions and all these can be solved with the use of mobile applications. The mobile application is something which brings […]

10 Tips for classic icon design for your mobile application

Classical icon design for application can be done by following tips We reviewed every big company’s success, do you know what’s the best part is? Why they are famous? This is because their logo or icon design speaks louder. It’s true that to make an icon with one of the […]

Why Paytm miles ahead than PayPal?

Competition with Paytm app is in trend, Can anyone challenge? The best thing I have seen in this era is about the technology changes as we all know these days’ people usually show their less effort because they know their work can be done easily if they have the latest technology in […]

Google removed 29 photos stealing mobile applications

Fake mobile applications removed, now your picture is safe. Security is the first priority of everyone as every user first check whether the application is safe to use or not. These days many hackers are moving in the play store and their only motive is to steal the personal information […]

Now you can watch TV shows, news and videos on Paytm very soon!

Hello everyone! You all surprised when you get to know about a new technology concept or a new mobile apps launch. Well, there were many new advanced tech that has changed everyone’s life. Even words can’t be enough to describe how amazing is it to operate the applications in smartphones. […]

Now you can share your Facebook post on WhatsApp

Here I can clarify to you many social media applications because there are too many who gives you the finest feature that you are looking for. People always choose the right option and always go with those application which get popularity. Apart from Facebook there is no such app which […]

How will you know, your phone has been hacked?

How can you stay silent when your own smartphone facing problem with bugs and malware software? I don’t know how these hackers develop a strategy for us to enter in our smartphone and hack all such system, present corrupted file which is a hectic moment for us. I heard about […]

Top 7 apps that you need in your Apple watch

It’s so good when we saw changes in technology that provides us fabulous features. We have seen some amazing technology only on mobile phones but how good it is when we use it in a more compact way. Here in this article I am talking about smart watches. These smart […]