What is motion design for mobile applications? Is it important?

With the new and latest technology many mobile application is now in trend but what is the success behind? The Mobile application features or its brand? Well, that can be but right now we are talking about the motion design for mobile applications. Motion design is a piece of digital footage or animation which usually combined the audio for […]

Is there any application for poetry writer or poetry lover?

Pens’ down and use poetry application everyday Are you using all the user-friendly mobile application in your smartphones? Don’t waste your time and starts spending time on such mobile application that are ready to help you. It’s just because of app developers that we look every mobile application in our smartphones where […]

App will work without internet, Is it possible?

How can you go outside to reach the destination if you don’t have your own conveyance? How can you book the air ticket through your smartphone? There are many such questions and all these can be solved with the use of mobile applications. The mobile application is something which brings […]

“Internet of Things” future of mobile applications

If someone asks me that which industry is ruling across the world, then my answer will be mobile industry. We all are aware about its impact these days. Mobile industry is unstoppable and ready to face its competitors. It’s too difficult to match the level of the mobile industry. As […]

Amazon launched its Marketplace App store in India

Hi Folks! As you all aware about Amazon. Today I am talking about Amazon because it has launched its market place app store in India for Indian retailers. We all love to purchase anything from Amazon this is because we can see here variety of products, different brands with different […]

Now plan your travel by bus booking app

I can understand the situation when you have to stand in a line for hours to book your tickets when you want to travel from the bus. This is such a hectic situation because we people want to complete this ticket purchasing process soon. I have seen many people living […]

Facebook bug bounty Programme for third party apps

Hi folks, today, we are back again for Facebook users. We got to know that the social media giant ‘Facebook’ has invested some amount of money for the security and privacy purpose. Yes, Facebook is putting its money that will be invested in its bug bounty Programme and even they […]

Facebook started its new feature named ‘Popular Photos’

Folks, the social media giant “Facebook” again is in talk because of its new innovation which you’re going to see in your Facebook App soon. Yes folks, it is true that Facebook will introduce its users a new feature called “Popular Photos”. This feature is especially built for images. Isn’t […]