Google launch dozens of new devices in ‘Made by Google’ event

Google hosted a successful event in New York on 15th Oct 2019 with the name of “Made by Google”. The event was successful and everyone was surprised to know unique and advanced concept introduced by experts. Many of us are waiting for the Pixel smartphones and finally you can use […]

Google’s new social networking app ‘shoelace’

Iam adding mobile applications as your basic need in day to day life because I don’t think so we all people can live without that because of its growing trend. We saw many people don’t look up when they walk just looking at their mobile phones apps and forget the […]

What Google announced its ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Those who always want to keep updated with Google news, here is a surprise for you folks. Google announced about its “Quantum Supremacy”. They reveal about this advanced computer in a blog post, you must read out that. How many of you have used classical computers? Well, that can be […]

Apple awarded developers for best apps 2019

Who doesn’t want to get rewarded for developing something? Reward, award and price are what we always crave for. Recently, one of the most renounced mobile companies “Apple” has rewarded its developers for launching their best app (most downloaded apps) in the Apple play store. The popularity and prosperity that […]