After PUBG, PUBG Lite is coming soon in India

One more PUBG version ready to raise popularity soon Addicts of mobile games are many; these are those who don’t get disturbed after several changes in games. They keep playing continuously with same interest. They are the only one who is totally addicted but this is not a negative point […]

A new Air force game for IOS and android

Addiction is a new disease nowadays. We have seen every child operating the smartphone and using the PUBG gaming app at home. Once you give the mobile phones to them to play, I am sure after 4 or 5 hours they will return the phone. I think this is not […]

Some major announcements made by super Nintendo game!

Speaking out frankly, we are always interested to play every game no matter whether it’s of high-level concept or not. If you open any teenager mobile phone you’ll get to see at least 4 or 5 games he/she has downloaded and played all of them. Right now, the current game […]