“Internet of Things” future of mobile applications

If someone asks me that which industry is ruling across the world, then my answer will be mobile industry. We all are aware about its impact these days. Mobile industry is unstoppable and ready to face its competitors. It’s too difficult to match the level of the mobile industry. As […]

Do you know about Android Anti-theft App?

Well as security loopholes with Google based platform Android is increasing day by day. Recently Google has made a policy of paying hackers to find bug issues in millions of apps in form of Google Bounty program. Similarly, Android anti-theft has been started to make your device more secure. Android […]

Enjoy the finger lock feature in Android WhatsApp!

Writing a word “Hello” and then send it with just one click and the best part it may reach to the next person who lives far away from your house. Thanks for developing the messaging applications which play their role by sending some files, video and text to the person […]

Are you aware about the rival of Blockchain?

very business is reaching at that level where they dreamed, so here credit goes on what? Blockchain is the one behind their success because if you watch out every industry setup or every industry strategy, their main focus to implement the chance to work with Blockchain technique. You can improve […]

Reasons why you should not consider Hybrid App Development?

will tell you what most of the app developers think about all the time. They always in trouble whether to create some native mobile application or hybrid mobile applications. Well, of course, building both native and hybrid app is a good choice but you must be aware of its negative […]

How to secure your IoT devices?

Today you all get relief in your home and offices just because of technologies did something for you to make your life better. Your entire work can be done shortly and you don’t have to show extra efforts. Technologies like Internet of Things are growing day by day which help […]