How machine learning technology is used in business?

“Machine Learning” Does this term ring a bell? You must have heard or read this term somewhere. And why not, machine learning has become so popular in recent years that everyone knows this term. However they are unaware of the meaning of it. Don’t worry, in this article I will […]

Follow Citiesagencies tip to move your business to cloud

As a business, are you struggling to store your business data? Are you tired of buying software to save your data? Or you’re facing money crunch in investing in assets? Whatever problem you’re facing related to saving your business data, the only answer you have here is ‘Cloud computing.’ You […]

Hire Citiesagencies to upgrade technology for your business

Did you ever have a thought to upgrade technology for your business? If not, then it could prove to be a big mistake for your business. Change is the only constant. Likewise the technology is always undergoing some sort of changes. Technology is never stationary. But does the evolution of […]

Technology upgrades you should apply to your business

I firmly believe that in the present era we are always walking hand in hand with technology. And as we are approaching the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, technology is constantly evolving and upgrading. Every now and then news is filled with the update that is […]

Top technology trends to watch in 2021

With changing calendars every year technology trends keeps changing. This article will revolve around top technology trends to watch in 2021. Do you know Sophia? No, she is not an actress or sportswomen. Sophia is a humanoid robot. Yes you read it right. She is ‘human-like’, talks like human and […]

Scan Gallery Images for Text with Google Photos Latest Feature

Google keeps updating its apps. Hence, there is some or the other update every once in a while. And just like that, there is a new update from Google. Now you can scan gallery images for text with Google Photos’ latest feature. And there is all you need to know […]

Tips and Tricks to go viral on Instagram

Is your business on Instagram? Are you looking for ways to gain spotlight> Not sure what to do to go viral on Instagram? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must read this article. So, let’s help you find tips and tricks to go viral on […]

Facebook Allows Indian Users to use Reels on its Platform

Instagram Reels was launched in the August of the last year. However, is such a short period of time, it has still gained a lot of popularity and success. Now, Instagram’s parent company Facebook has integrated Reels on its original platform. Hence, Facebook allows Indian users to use Reels on […]

10 Best Ways to Attract New Twitter Followers in 2021

Twitter is undoubtedly a most widely used social media platform. Millions of people across the globe log into their Twitter accounts every year. It is a spot for many celebrities, influencers, and commoners to learn and update real-time information. Many also use this platform to market their business online. If […]

WhatsApp announced Secured Voice and Video Calls for its Desktop App

Since the beginning of this year, WhatsApp has’t left the news board. For some or the other reason, it’s been here constantly. That being said, there is another reason to talk about WhatsApp today. Whatsapp has announced secured voice and video calls for its desktop app version. Here’s all what […]

How Women Are Empowering Themselves Through Technology?

Technology is empowering women in 21st century Technology plays a vital role in empowerment of women especially in developing nations such as India, Brazil and South Africa etc. Today we are going to analyze how these countries are achieving this. Reducing the gender gap by providing the access in technology According to […]

Translaty Pro: A brilliant language translator device

Unstoppable technologies concept: Translaty Pro is one of them It’s so good to hear that technology is unstoppable in the market and ready to present in front of us with some outstanding and topmost feature which we have never seen. Well, you can say that the western countries are developing […]

Now you can carry your air conditioner with you like a mobile!

Gone are the days where no such technology was available for you. In today’s time I think from office to home everything is under control of technology. We all know that how important technology is. Especially in India where the security is main issue. Everything which saves the human effort, […]