Let Citiesgencies boost your Twitter followers

Every social media platform has become a great marketing tool and Twitter is one of them. You will see many famous personality, actors, singers, leaders, and commoners updating information on it. As I told you Twitter has also become a marketing platform as many people use it for marketing their […]

How to become a Twitter influencer

Believe me or not, ‘Influencer’ is an official word in English language. It was included by the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in 2019 after a rise in popularity of Social media influencers.  Many not so famous people are trying to become influencer. In this article we will limit our discussion to ‘Twitter […]

10 Best Ways to Attract New Twitter Followers in 2021

Twitter is undoubtedly a most widely used social media platform. Millions of people across the globe log into their Twitter accounts every year. It is a spot for many celebrities, influencers, and commoners to learn and update real-time information. Many also use this platform to market their business online. If […]