How Citiesagencies will help you with Twitter advertising?

Social media in general is used to run advertising campaigns. And Twitter has emerged as a great social media platform to run ads. Twitter advertising allows brands to promote their products and reach new potential customers who may show interest in what a brand is selling. If you are also […]

How Citiesagencies can help you in Twitter Marketing?

Did you start a business ? Want to gain more followers? Want to create buzz about your new product? Well Twitter is the place. How Citiesagencies will help you with this. Just keep going, this article is all about that. I read a quote somewhere which cracked me up a […]

How to use Twitter for effective social media marketing

Social media has become THE place for marketing of brands. Every business promotes their brand on social media. In the past few years this number has increased manifolds. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with different brands due to the number of users they have. One platform however is comparatively new […]

How to become a Twitter influencer

Believe me or not, ‘Influencer’ is an official word in English language. It was included by the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in 2019 after a rise in popularity of Social media influencers.  Many not so famous people are trying to become influencer. In this article we will limit our discussion to ‘Twitter […]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram, Which one you should Use?

Social networking websites have become an important part of our day-to-day lives. Be it for news, entertainment, socialising, education, business, and whatnot, social media platforms are our ‘go-to.’ Hence, smart businesses make sure to have social media as a part of their marketing program. However, different platforms are suitable for […]

Now you can Earn Money with ‘Super Follows’ in Twitter

The world of social media constantly keeps evolving. There is something or the other new every next day. For example, there is this new update according to which, now you can earn money with ‘super followers’ in Twitter. Wondering what that is and how it works? Read this article to […]

Soon Amazon will help those who wants to commit suicide!

Yes, you have heard right. Amazon will help those people who want to commit suicide. The Amazon has taken decision after seeing search result for book entitled ‘how to commit suicide’ in great number especially from the Indian market place but similar search results from the nations like U.K, U.S.A […]

Twitter updated itself for macOS Catalina

Mac lovers are happy now as they got a new update for their MacBook which is called as “Catalina MacOS”. Thank you Apple for hearing what their audiences are looking for. Need an update for the new version. It is too important for the MacBook so finally they update their […]

What is Yahoo groups data, how to download it?

Let’s go back and remember the time when there was no social media platform available like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter nothing. We are imagining the moment and guess what we remember one the platform for the users where users met with each other. Yes, those were the days when people open […]

Why people are moving to Mastodon app?

Folks, if you don’t know then let me tell you a new revolutionary moment started in India called “Mastodon” lately. Mastodon is a social media bandwagon where if not everyone, but especially “Twitter operators” are jumping into. It is basically an app that is an alternative to Twitter. Recently, several […]

Political ads have been restricted by Google worldwide!

Online advertisements are the big advantage for marketers to market their products worldwide, but now not only marketers, but also political leaders take advantage to gain more votes and propagate their political campaigns online. However, it is not bad to use advertisement as a tool to promote anything but yes, […]

How can I tweet my WP blog automatically?

Twitter is a public forum where you can get instant result from your followers and your clients. You can also say that it is an effective means of communication platform and anybody can join this. If you are a frequent Twitter user then definitely you want to share everything whatever […]