TikTok said no to paid political news

Just a simple and entertaining application TikTok once again in news. Do you know for which matter I am talking about? Controversies are unstoppable if we talking about the TikTok application because few months back, application get banned from a smartphone but again reinstated by the court. The application TikTok […]

Now Alexa is available with the multi lingual mode in India!

This new introduction of Alexa by Amazon is worth to operate as we already told you users find this a funny device where they can ask any question and Alexa speaks in their own funny way. You can’t say Alexa is just for few days and after that it will […]

Apple removes all 181 vaping related apps due to health crisis

ne thing I concern about the most is my health because good health is what keeps ones happy and active. Nowadays, most people are facing problem related to their lungs and hearts because of growing use of cigarette which is negatively affecting lungs. This problem is at peak especially in […]