Latest WhatsApp update you must know

Many apps are coming with new updates lately; yesterday i posted about the Gmail update now I am here to inform you all about latest WhatsApp update you must know. Being up to date with fresh development is really important, especially updates that improves user experience matters to us the […]

Now Instagram Reels Can Be Played on WhatsApp Mobile App

A lot has been going on in the market of social media applications. It is especially so for Facebook-owned apps. For one, WhatsApp has been in talks continually since the beginning of this year. Sometimes, it was for its privacy policy update and the other for its feature updates. From […]

WhatsApp announced Secured Voice and Video Calls for its Desktop App

Since the beginning of this year, WhatsApp has’t left the news board. For some or the other reason, it’s been here constantly. That being said, there is another reason to talk about WhatsApp today. Whatsapp has announced secured voice and video calls for its desktop app version. Here’s all what […]

WhatsApp: New Privacy Policy will be Effective from May

WhatsApp rolled out an in-app notification for all its users two months back, in January 2021. Since then, there has been a constant controversy surrounding it. During this time, many developments took place. Many updates were rolled out, and many new apps entered the market. However, one thing still stands. […]


EVERYBODY WANTS SECURE MESSAGING APP. Developing any type of app is a long process but adding enough security features that makes an app secure enough to use freely without worrying is most difficult part. Same goes for idea of developing a secure messaging app even the flagship apps that are trending in […]

Whatsapp defeated its rival BBM, How?

Bye Bye to Blackberry Messenger As the time changes, we are watching new and special kind of apps that can provide us all kind of features which is different and a better one. Who knows the application like Facebook now used by less user because the time has come for […]

Why messaging app failed to face the competition from Whatsapp?

Who can replace and rule, like Whatsapp did? Let me tell you an interesting fact related to Whatsapp as we have done research related to this app where we find out that impossible word is not written in the dictionary of Whatsapp. I want to say that Whatsapp is not […]

Apart from Whatsapp, which messaging apps are useful?

Thanks to all mobile application developers who have made various applications. As when we open our Google or apple play store, we can watch different different apps with same category. For example if you open your play store to download a gaming application, you can see various options for that. But here […]

Success story behind the best messaging app WhatsApp

Life is full of struggle. No doubt, you struggled too much, you don’t have good financial background and still you get success. Everyone looks for a success but let me tell you that success is not for sale. You have to earn it. To earn success is required your dedication […]

4 features that WhatsApp will roll out soon

Today I will tell you what the app developer wants from the users. They just want their application should always remain in the smartphone. We all know that how amazing work they have shown for us. On daily basis we use several mobile applications. Can you imagine how relief they […]

Now you can share your Facebook post on WhatsApp

Here I can clarify to you many social media applications because there are too many who gives you the finest feature that you are looking for. People always choose the right option and always go with those application which get popularity. Apart from Facebook there is no such app which […]

How to use WhatsApp dark mode in desktop?

“Darkness”, a sign of negativity. This is what usually people think about it, right? Well, it is truly a sign of negativity especially in western culture as black cloths are worn by widows in the funeral.  For them, black cloths are used for gloomy days which are unfortunate or negative. […]

WhatsApp seeks RBI approval for payments service

You all might have heard about the Payment applications like Google Pay or Paytm app. These apps are the best instances for operating the online transaction securely. Exactly, I think the use of Payment app is rising continuously in this digitized world. And that is why, social media apps want […]

Now WhatsApp is ready to enhance your chat experience

Just a few taps your short message can easily send to other people so thanks to all such messaging apps that are available in the play store. Nowadays to post a letter to someone is an old method, just try the messaging app and wish them while texting. We people […]

Facebook will launch a digital wallet called Calibra in 2020

The social media platform can’t be called as a social media when it is not so popular and if talk about the social media giant Facebook then it’s important for Facebook to reach their access all the time. After facing several controversies regarding their CryptoCurrency platform called Libra, still Facebook […]