While Snapchat is still seen as the new kid on the block social media statistics show that it remains popular and pull in 187 million active daily users with 528,000 locked sent every Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield minute. Brands and large businesses increasingly use Snapchat as a way to reach their audience, but whether it is a useful tool for small businesses as well? How small businesses can use Snapchat to build their customer base and increase interaction and eventual sale?

First Things First

Before you open your Snapchat account and start Snap it is worth remembering that the platform has a very high number of young users. In the UK, 77% are under 25. If this is your customer base then Snapchat could be the place for you. If not then put your effort into the different platforms that match the demographic will be far more useful. Also remember that for many users Snapchat, these platforms are mostly used for friends messages. Though Snapchat has introduced new features and redesigned recently still occur.

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However, it does not mean that it does not work for business. Snapchat advertising spending is expected to rise to 2.7 billion in 2019 which is a clear indicator that it can work. What it means, however, is that you should be sure your strategy. Snapchat content at the same cost to make but only lasts up to 10 seconds as Snap or 24 hours as Story. Make sure your content because it has had an impact in a short time. Unlike other platforms, you can not put it out there and tweak or make changes. It has to be right the first time. Even things that look fun is not planned to be planned to ensure that it has the desired impact with your audience.

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Create Your Reasons To Connect With Your Customers

In the same way as any other platform, for users to follow you as a business or a brand (or in the case of “friends” this Snapchat them) you have to give them a reason. If you know that your audience on Snapchat then what can you offer them to attract them to connect with you? If you’re a product based on then you can offer a discount or offer exclusive Snapchat as flash sales. Be strategic and announce the first part of the story. Reveal Your Story code on a specified date so that people who follow you can see and use it. Or, create competition for a week or offers. Every day revealed a piece of code or asking questions in your story and challenge your audience to your message with the answer. This encourages customers to stay engaged with your business much longer but make sure that the gift is good enough for them to keep coming back. Snapchat nature creates a natural sense of urgent because users know that your content will not be there for a long time. This makes it ideal and acts like a built-in call to action. Your customers will know that they have to see it now or it will be lost.

Showcase Your Business

Snapchat can help you to build real-time awareness of who you are as a business and what you do. Snaps need all day to show how you work and what your business has an offer. If you make a product you do not have to show only finished items but steps along the way too. Disclose small pieces of information to get your potential customers to keep coming back to you and get involved. Snaps teasing and showing bits of your business can be used for product launches, behind the stage or behind the scenes reveal and show your customers a sneaky peek of what you are offering them.

Use Snapchat Feature Business

Snapchat has several features designed to help you grow your customer interactions. The first is Geofilters. A GeoFilter is an overlay that can be applied to photos to make a snap Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield but they are only available for users located in the right area and for a certain amount of time.

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