Why Intent User Content for Search?
When people start talking about SEO, they tend to focus on the technical elements of the website. They started talking about Meta tags, structured data and backlink profile. This is all very important to get a website ranked on Google, but there is a step before all Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham of this that we tend to lose track: The end users.

User Intent in Search Why is it important?
Google updates the algorithm we find there are more and more of a focus on the user experience. If Google does not think users will find your website helpful, they are not going to rank it on the first page of the SERPs. This fact must be the starting point of how we are approaching SEO move forward, but so far, it does not. We are still focused on getting the keyword and the appropriate technical elements, although things such as data structures will offer only marginal benefit to a great extent.

If we need to pay attention to the end-user experience, how can we do this? Again, as an industry we focus on data leads to areas such as bounce rates, funnel drop off and a / b testing of individual elements on the page. Instead, we should see a wider and how to serve the user. Does that meet user needs and expectations? Does it provide the answers they need are easy to find your way? In short: whether it meets the user’s content mean?

Meeting user intent must not be a particularly revolutionary idea for the SEO industry. When Google issued an update Medic in the world, they explicitly told us in updated guidelines that they are seeking to assess how skilled, trustworthy and authoritative content is. While Google has a vast wealth of knowledge at his fingertips, they do not know everything. Therefore, they should always look to the marker to measure the skills, and how users behave on your site or page is a good signal quality. In order for us to optimize the expertise, then, we need to look at to ensure that users behave the way Google like, and the best way to do that is to provide them with the information they are looking for, and d that we need to understand the intent behind a user’s search.

How can we understand the User Intent?
Back in 2006, the University of Hong Kong investigated the problem of how users search for things online. Their findings reveal that the search for the purpose can be divided into two kinds of segments:

1) Users who are looking for general information on the topic.

2) Users who are looking for answers to specific questions related to the keywords they use.

Google works in the same way. Based on our investigation, we found that there are three types of terms:

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Measures Terms: These terms are very specific, and users will have a specific end goal in mind. Take for example the search term “buy red wine”. Users have a clear end point they want to reach (the purchase of wine). The ultimate goal made things kind of action which terms of understanding user intent is really important. If users want to purchase, they serve red wine facts list or review will not help them. They serve a full list of red wine that has been available for purchase will.

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For terms of action, you need to match user expectations for content and then present it to them in an efficient manner. Anything less than that and they will go in search of their answers (and take their business) elsewhere.

Information Requirements: A little less focus in terms of the action is the term information. They are generally broader in scope when it comes to User Intent. From an SEO perspective we still need to present your content in an efficient manner, but as the condition tends to be less focused on specific actions, and more focused study, you must present a wider variety of information to the user. This is the place to learn how to effectively present information Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham and understand the visual hierarchy that can come in very handy.

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