Get insight of top 5 most flop wearable devices

Wearable technology has been designed and developed for enhancing the user experience. But majority of the wearable gadgets considered as flopped devices because of their difficult to operate in disaster prone nature. To be honest wearable technologies are seems like forced technological development. Today we are going to enlist major top 5 flop wearable devices.

Neptune pine

It is designed with the objective of convert the old and obsolete android smartphone into a smart watch. But due to its humongous size and heaviness feels uncomfortable upon wearing it. It feels like that user has worn giant screen on his wrist. Suppose if you forgot to take it off and went to scratch your head you might hurt yourself. Apart from the specification there are other loopholes,

  • No access to Google play store
  • It has unattractive design
  • It is too heavy and giant, do not meet the requirements of smart watch
  • Its touchscreen and user interface is not responsive enough
  • It is not easy to remove from the body.

The major reason of all this weakness is the device specifications 6.5 cm wide, 5cm tall and 3.5 cm wide. If anyone considers Neptune pine as a fine wearable technology then for those people I can say your school bag is much better wearable tech than this smart watch.

Smart ring by logbar

Just go on Google and type worst ever wearable tech smart ring is going to be in the list. The ring which grants ability of free control over home appliances, sending messages and paying the bills all this just blink of an eye.

What Are The 5 Flop Wearable Devices?
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Weakness of smart ring is,

  • It was said that ring comes with wireless charger initially but it was not. The charger required the direct contact with charge pins.
  • According to the snazzy labs Ring software will work only 5-10 percent of the time.
  • You will require regular software update to enhance the detection and accuracy feature of a ring.

Cat style headphones

Just like above mentioned wearable techs this one is also a major failure when it comes to a concept of smart headphones. But if you want to make the seat vacant while travelling in crowded bus or train then just wear these headphones. People will vacant the seat for you because of the music produced by cat ear style speakers. There is a fault in cat ear style speaker designs and this is the main reason behind its failure.

Major loopholes are,

  • First of fall headphone with poor audio quality, can we call it a headphone? Yes these headphones have very low quality speaker performance.
  • Even though if you want to buy then you should have lots of money in your purse they are expensive.
  • These speakers has very bass heavy sound with little high end to adjust it.

Fitbit Force

The most talked wearable tech a smart wrist band which can keep track on your daily life activities such as eating habits, sleeping and exercise. It comes with innovative features such as an O-LED display, altimeter, recorder etc. But what if I tell you that it is also comes in the list of flopped or failed wearable tech. Approximately 10,000 complaints regarding the skin rashes has been registered by people who use this gadget.

Rashness could be ignored by giving the reason that it is due to vibration generated from the band. Well rashes are not the only the problem but blistered Wrist, dryness and itchiness were other major concerns. All this has forced the brand to recall back the 1million sold units from the market.

Major loopholes are,

  • It provides inaccurate data you might think that device giving your calorie burn reports on the basis of measurement of physical step.
  • All the data measured by fit band is based on step measurement which is not good. Suppose if a participant is doing weightlifting him/her likely to burn more calories, but in weight lifting there is not much use of steps so you get inaccurate and incomplete data. Indicators which can measure fat percentage, nutrition intake and body measurement should be added into the gadget.
  • It promotes comparison by producing too much of statistical data. Feeling of comparison to others increase the competition which means participant with less capacity will increase his/her workout. Excessive workout or workout more than your body limit could cause a burnout and health related issues.

Oakley Thump

The Wearable tech design and developed to make the sunglasses smart. Oakley thump is sunglasses embedded with Mp3 player in a three variants of 512M.B, 256 M.B and 1 GB. This concept also ended in a failure because it missed out the music lovers who want to listens music indoors or privately.

Major loopholes are,

  • It has very less functionality specifications and features.
  • The design is not attractive and sleek like sunglasses should have. It looks ugly upon wearing.


Above mentioned wearable techs are chosen from wide list. Although there are many other wearable techs which can be included in the list but these 5 is trendsetter in flop category.