Testing also create problems in mobile applications so look for that too.

It feels so good when we can say that we are also living in a forward-looking country where everything is possible. As we all know these days the trend of technology boost the market and every day we saw something different is going to happen. But here we want to ask one question from you all. Can you ever imagined those modern days time where you don’t have such kind of facilities that you have right now?

It is very difficult to think about those days where people are not aware and even such facilities are not provided. So, nowadays everything you need can be done shortly even if you want to purchase some product or want to go somewhere then we already present a mobile application for you all who has every problem solution. Let’s understand this with an example as you all know that Delhi is one of the big cities where you have such kind of facility that you never find in other small town and the specialty of this city is about the variety of foodstuff.

What are the most frequent problems while testing mobile application?
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So, if you want to know where to go then you can use the mobile application that can show you the right way where you have to go. Now the time is to give credit to every app developers that they always build smart applications which we can find in play store. Presenting an app is not the easy job, because one important thing should be done first before launching and that is testing. But unfortunately we have seen testing also create many problems and if you are not aware of such problem then read the below content.

First is crucial: Mobile devices

We all know that the mobile device market will never be stopped and every year it shows some amazing stuff which we need. The reason is, it provides all new and cool features which the users love to use. But it creates a challenging situation because mobile apps may be incompatible with other operating systems. It is a fact that mobile apps running in one operating system cannot perform the same process in other operating systems.

Challenging one: Screen size

We have seen the IOS and Android smartphones as they always show some different sizes of their smartphones. Now it is difficult to test each screen size of the phone as you all know the IOS app developers mostly focus on pixel screen design but now they have to focus on adaptive nature without any change in screen elements.

The third one is about the dependency: types of mobile apps

We have already studied about the types of mobile apps. As we know   these are three:  first is a native application next is Hybrid application and the last one is a web application. So, the important fact is these entire three have a different scenario of testing and performs the function in their own way from installation to functionality. In short, the decision of the application testing depends on these three aspects.

Last factor is must for you: Networking .

You are looking for the problem of testing faced by the developers then you should know this factor too as the WI-FI speed, signal strength and networking can create an issue for the app developers as all network carriers are supporting different data volumes. It is important for you to test bandwidth usage. So, here the app developers have to look at all such factors and this way they can find that the application is running successfully on all networks or not. Well, you also use Cloudy which always offers you a pre-testing environment where you are able to test on different network condition easily.