Those who always want to keep updated with Google news, here is a surprise for you folks. Google announced about its “Quantum Supremacy”. They reveal about this advanced computer in a blog post, you must read out that. How many of you have used classical computers? Well, that can be a weird question for you because most of us always operate only classical computers. Now the Quantum computers are available to use and if you start comparing both then Quantum is far advanced and different one.

Now Quantum computer would be your first choice

Do you know the exciting part about this Quantum computer? Might surprise you but the fact is researchers at the University of California said that they have introduced a processor in this Quantum computer where it will take just 200 seconds to do the complex calculation, not like the classical computer which will take more than years. 

You can imagine that the calculation can be difficult or you can say impossible on a classical computer because now the time is to use Quantum computers. Google shared that this unique computer has a 54-qubit Sycamore processor that is ready to perform the calculation within 200 seconds. Still, want to use non-quantum computers? We don’t think so. You already know about the classical computer that the language they speak is about manipulating strings of zeros and ones. If we compare it with Quantum computer then of course, it is different. Here you would see more metaphor as here you have a cubit which can be 0and1 at the same time. 

Quantum Computer can solve your problem quickly instead of classical computers
Image Credit: Google Image

Quantum Computer can solve your problem quickly instead of classical computers 

Some big problems you have, don’t worry Quantum Computer can solve without taking too much time from you. Let me share an example of this- Every chemist tries to describe the big molecules so they put all such on a computer but if they put on a classical computer then you can’t describe it in terms of ordinary bits. The situation is not similar when you talk about Quantum computers because here if you put molecules then you can describe very well for sure. 

Arielle Duhaime-Ross and Kevin Hartnett, a senior writer of math and a physics magazine Quanta shared in his blog post about quantum computers, “Right now, that’s how we keep a lot of information on the internet safe. But with a very powerful quantum computer…. the time it takes to break a large number break down becomes really short. And that means the key you use to encrypt stuff is easy to figure out and the internet is kind a screwed. But that is still mostly theoretical at this point.”  

According to the report published in The New York Times Google’s breakthrough to the Wright brothers’ first plane flight in 1903. We may still be years away from having quantum computers that are useful for practical tasks, but Google’s findings could finally have provided proof that such a future is possible in the first place.

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