Get insight of the reason behind the colors used in Google Logo

Google which has revolutionized the communication sector, a program whose aura in digital world is unmatched. Any type of information, data content is now just few clicks away. But today we are not going to talk about what Google is? Here we are to discuss about the Significance of its logo?

Many people believed colors that are used to design Google logo have some meaning behind it. Google Company purposely used the certain colors well you may be surprised that this is not quite true. Google has no particular reason or significance behind it. As a matter of fact is that Google is famous for breaking the rule.

For example: In the past there are lots of colors variations in the Google logo. Ultimately in the final design they ended up adding primary colors in the logo. But instead of going in an order they add the secondary color in the letter “L” of the Google which shows that they hardly follow any rule.

What Google Says About Their Logo Color?
Image Credit: Google Image

They used to follow a primary color pattern in the design initially but accidentally ended up with RGB Scale. Everybody knows that first three primary colors scale is BRY that is Blue, red, yellow but while designing the logo their color pattern change and turned into in Red, green, blue.

In order to maintain the uniqueness in the color design they use the formula of hard and soft color mixing

RGB (Red, green, Blue) is the color pattern when we mix it together it reproduce a broad array of colors with hard effect.

RGY (Red, green, yellow) are the color pattern which is taking consideration of Light effect.

So when we combine these two patterns:

G– Blue, O– Red, O– Yellow, G– Blue, L– Green, E– Red

If you are considering according to the pattern why Google not started with first letter of a Logo with Red effect well it could be done on purpose and may have many different reasons.

The Most logical reason for these colors is associated with ‘History of Logo’.

Many people would not aware of that Google first server rack was created with the help of Lego bricks. The reason of using Lego bricks was that these bricks were low-priced and great for securing the ten 4GB hard drives. The color used in server racks was same as logo which is red, green, yellow and blue.

The designer who designs Google Logo was Ruth kedar. The color chosen for the Logo is due to the fact they were primary colors. Many people doesn’t aware of the fact that Google purposely used Secondary color in letter “L” to indicate that Google not always follow the rules.

In 1998 first real Google logo was introduced by Larry Page and Surgey Brin. One thing is clear from the design that it is inspired from Yahoo as just like yahoo exclamation mark was added to the Google first real logo.

After that in 1999 Ruth kedar was filled with the responsibility of improving the Logo design. Ruth kedar time to time created many designs and add many variations to the logo. But 2010 version were most simplified and used version. On May 6 2010 Google has done little amendment in the design they change the letter of Color “O” from yellow to orange and eliminated the feature of drop shadowing. Between 2010 to 2015 Google designed in various ways.

In 2015 dramatically changes comes in Google Logo design. Its Logo design the brand align with most popular blue-green-red, blue- red-orange pattern. But add variation to the typeface convert the typeface from “catull to the custom school book- inspired product sans”.

For its smartphone application Google adds another variation in the Logo make it Rainbow” G” that symbolizes smartphone app and Favicon for websites along with an additional feature of Microphone for conducting voice search.  


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that there is no particular reason behind choosing of Logo color. Even Google also maintain the flexibility in primary color rule by using yellow and orange for letter “O”. We are hoping to see some other variant in LOGO Design in coming years.