With the new and latest technology many mobile application is now in trend but what is the success behind? The Mobile application features or its brand? Well, that can be but right now we are talking about the motion design for mobile applications.

Motion design is a piece of digital footage or animation which usually combined the audio for the use of multimedia projects. You can see the motion design in gaming, marketing, creating awareness and many more which help the users in many ways. For example when we are talking about the marketing then Motion Graphics play an important role where it takes the brand or product to the next level so that it may reach to the customer quickly and also advertising is ready for this. Motions graphics play the best role for the kids as they now learn from the videos instated in school from where they get to more things in detail, Thanks to motion design videos.

If you talk about other resources then motion graphics videos help them to save their efforts and time as now you shoot the animated videos in your studio and there is no need to shoot outdoor.

How is it important or how it can be used in mobile? So let’s find out what type of animation will help us for this.

Functional Animation

It is that type of animation which helps the user to tell what’s going or how to use the app mostly. It tells the whole story how the app works as it supposed to do visual feedback, provide meaningful transaction and help the user to get started.

1.    Build meaning transaction – Transaction between two visual states which should be simple and smooth for the users so that it helps them to clearly understand where should they focused.

2.    Provide visual feedback – Visual content play a key role as it helps the user to understand where the content and text in the app at a given time.

3.    Show system status – There are many such operations that happened and take some time like data is being downloaded of your app from the server where the visual signs of progress app tell the user about the control of the application.

4.    Help the user to get started – so, with the help of animation it will help you and guide you how you will interact with the userinterface.

Delightful Animation

Delightful is a word which can be used in your product about anything to explain its feature or about that. When designing on animation, delightful can be used to get the attraction of the users.

1.    To demonstrate polish – with the same design can be a boring one for the users one day so try something different and the help of animation can make your similar design into the best one for the users.

2.    To reward the user- you can reward the people as rewarding is a truly emotional interaction so star focusing on user emotions. When the user accomplishes personal goals, make sure to reward them with animation. 3.    Entertain users – with the help of Animation you get the number of users more attractive as you can give them such entertainment which can create interaction when they watch the animation in your app.