Fight for the developer, let’s see who is on the top.

You all have heard the word developer but do you know the actual meaning what the developer is? Someone said that the developer is someone who focuses on providing the best mobile applications. But if someone asks me who is the developer then I would simply say that a person who has only one motive to provide what the audience required, what are there need and show their 100% and work accordingly. You cannot underestimate or can’t say that the work of every application developer is easy. I know how tough it is to show an extra effort and work properly to give their best.

Fortunately, their work nowadays are appreciated by everyone because of their work we live our lives with proper ease and comfort. But many of you have no knowledge related to the type of developers. There are two types of application developers in the market. I know people don’t want to know that who is behind this technology. Who made all these mobile applications? So let me introduce to you to mobile applications developers.

Normally it divided into two, first is Full stack developer and another is Mean stack developer. Let’s read in details what those developers are and how they work?

  1. Mean Stack Developer

Let’s understand what is Mean Stack Developer? Mean Stack is a collection of various Java Script base technologies. Sometimes they called as the face of the technology because it provides the tools for every technology that is useful for every web development process. It is used for Web applications only. It always focuses on the development process that always includes the following technology like MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs and Nodejs. So, in short, you can call out the Mean Stack developer is JS based application developer.

2. Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers work with both the frontend and the backend. Now let’s see how the Full Stack Developer proves to be the best one. They can develop both client and server side software. It works on backend, database, frontend and design-pattern.

What is the difference between full stack and mean stack developer?
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I know most of you find out this an interesting one, so let’s come to the point that who is better or who is not. Which one is suitable or which is not and to do this let’s compare these developer.

•    The first thing is similar in both. Mean Stack developer and Full Stack developer always work for both the front end and back end.

•    The Mean Stack developer focuses their work from small to medium scale project to get access whereas the Full Stack developer tries and get success to work from medium to large scale project.

•    The role of Mean Stack developer is to do their task more on Javascript and also Node JS related technology but if you compare this with the Full Stack developer then they work too but not too much.

•    If we talk about the money or package then Mean Stack developer take the higher package for their work as compared to the Full Stack developer.

•    If you are Mean Stack developer then you should be good at Mongo DB, Express JS and Angular JS whereas Full Stack means that they must have knowledge of programming language at the backend, frontend and database only.


I don’t think so judging both of them and find out which one is perfect, is a good solution because both are outstanding in their own way. In fact, both these two are popular nowadays and if you choose between these both then you can’t get any type of loss. So go for it.