Superheroes all have skills, abilities and personalities – but they all have the same ultimate goal to fight and protect all against crime.

You have loud, brash maverick Digital Marketing Company Southampton you like Ironman, or your quiet, efficient protector like Batman.

Now digital marketing channels and similar tactics on the fact that each channel has different features, targets and methods – but they are all working towards the same end goal. In this case, get your online presence to be strong and visible as possible.

When we talk about the main digital marketing channels we often think of PPC and SEO, and we are often confronted with questions like better? That will make me the results? Should I use?

Well, let me try and explain with a little help from my friends Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

PPC is Ironman
Tony is a smart leader, the smell of the rich, of the Avengers, which is the center of attention in almost all he does. iron suit is equipped with smart technologies and virtual assistant Jarvis, who monitors him and his actions to make sure he stays on track with its mission.

He has speed on his side and has a targeting laser available for home in his goal. But all this technology comes at a price.

Now in my opinion, PPC advertising is very much like the Ironman. You have to pay for this handsome technology, but if set properly, can give you back much more in return.

Google ads is packed with technology and algorithms which means you can define your target through a lot of tactics such as remarketing. Get more effective algorithm, feeding on the data in your account to provide the best results for your money. This platform is becoming increasingly automated, using large banks of data algorithmic to be able to target the right time and searches that he knew would convert.

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This strength is supported by paid media specialist experience is a powerful weapon in bringing your business to the top of the Google SERP in a heartbeat – or in a metal finger click. It offers a quick way to come out on top.

SERP ironman
It’s kind of visibility is excellent for promoting new websites, advertising the product line e-commerce or to ensure you stay on the front foot against your competitors. What’s even better is the fact that you can report on absolutely every piece of data – use these insights to make the campaign even more powerful and more effective.

Great job Tony!

However, it is only one side of the argument (or comic book universe.)

Wham, here Bruce secretly joined the action …

SEO is Batman
A near opposite to Mr. Stark in most cases (bar their giant bank balance), Bruce Wayne as Batman, quiet, working in the shadows, complex, technical, analytical. He stepped in front of the public every so often to the network at galas and she could use some pretty cool gadgets like the Batmobile.

He has authority, but he had to work hard to get anywhere, using research and experience to understand the enemy and execute plans and tactics for a long period. Bruce is not monitored strictly and disappeared from view until the next rise bat signal.

As Batman, SEO can also technical, quiet work, where you can spend hours researching, experimenting and implementing a change in tactics on-page and off-site link building.

This is because Google does not tell you all the elements that make their search algorithms (ranking factors) that SEO must research, plan and execute to get you as high a ranking Digital Marketing Companies Southampton as possible, which means it can take time to come together and may not offer an instant impact PPC.

However, if done correctly, with a strong strategy that supports your efforts, all the hard work consistent long-term benefits for any website with the potential for more traffic overall.

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