Dynamic Website Personalization or DWP is serving process different messages for different users on Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton your website. This can be determined by the user’s location, the number of visits to the site, time of day, where visitors come from (the source of traffic) or how visitors interact with your website before.

Dynamic Website Personalization can be very useful when it comes to marketing. Businesses using personalized homepage may be more than you realize.

Dynamic personalization sites

The most obvious example of the personalized homepage is when you sign in as a member at e-commerce sites. Sites that you see after logging in will differ from what you see as a visitor generic. Not only will you have a link to your personal shopping cart and order in advance but you can also display recommended products based on your shopping and browsing history.

Cookies are another way to personalize the content. These files are downloaded to the user device and storing information, which may include personal information such as names and addresses, see the site preferences, or browsing behavior.

Read the information from cookies can allow your website to greet the user by name. It can serve up more personalized content as you do for the user in your database. The main difference is that a cookie is stored on the client device and can be read automatically. Users do not have to physically log in as a registered user to view private content.

Cookies can also be used to track user behavior on different web sites. This is where they start to become really powerful for marketing purposes. For example, you can track the product that a particular user has clicked and then use that information to serve up a personal ad on the user’s Facebook page.

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Personalization can also be used with a much simpler way. For example, if a visitor to your website using your mobile device can determine how close they are to a brick and mortar store front of you. You can have a pop up message that instructs visitors who are located within a radius of 2 km to come visit your store in person.

Another example will display a contact message for visitors who have come back to your site the second or third time.

personal website

Personalization is really where digital marketing shines compared to the more traditional marketing methods. Rather than presenting generic content and hope that it appeals to a small portion of your audience, you can adjust everything to the individual, making it more relevant and therefore makes users more likely to convert. He came to be able to create a more sophisticated user experience, which is more valuable and useful to customers, and are more likely to keep them engaged.

75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers who greeted them by name and provide personal Digital Marketing Company in Southampton recommendations, and 59% said that personalization influence their purchase decisions.

When you are choosing a CMS to make sure that your website has the ability to personalize.

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