Adopt these strategies if you want to raise the ranking of your application.

Competition in app development industry is growing by each passing day which resulted in the outburst of marketing strategies. Every app developer wants to ensure that its application downloaded first as compared to other applications.

But this competition has left the developers with confusion that what type of marketing strategies should adopted to increase the download rate? Well don’t worry today we are going to enlist some effective marketing strategies.

  • Always prefer quality

When you are marketing your app think on what basis you are expecting the returns quality or quantity. There are thousands of better alternative apps available on play store due to high competition.

 As far as IOS concerned than even the minute lack in quality will be enough for rejecting your app. So never compromise on the qualitative features of your app such as User interface or processing speed etc.

New challenge comes in front of developers to ensuring quality emerged. Due to a high competition it cost more money to establish long term loyal users on Android.  

So developers think if they have to invest more why not opt for IOS? Well it’s your decision if you think you will be in benefit while switching to IOS goes for it. Instant success on Android is not an easy task.

  • Establish Good communication with your community

It means get in contact with other app developers of your community taking the advice from your rivals or a competitor is not a bad thing.

What strategies you have to make to download your applications first?
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Do not make unnecessary assumptions like since they are your rivals, they will not help you? Even if that is the cases then at least try it once you are in business not in school. It will give you great insight regarding the industry in which you are dealing.

Besides not everybody in the community is your competitor. If you try then you will find a few people of the same community who has their app on Play and app store but their target audience or long term goals is differ entirely.

Taking the advice from the experience people of community who already achieved success in the industry is beneficial for you. “Sharing the knowledge will also increase your knowledge” this is a traditional phrase but exactly suit in this situation.

Don’t worry time will also give you opportunity to return the favor when other developers approach you for advice and industry knowledge.

  • Effectively use social media

Digital marketing is a rising trend these days thanks to social media which made it possible. If you want to survive and at the same time wants to grow your business then marketing on social media platforms will be essential for you.

You can even reach your target audience at much faster rate in comparison of old traditional means of marketing like newspaper, pamphlets, poster etc.

It is advisable that you remain active on social media always promote your brand on social media account Instagram, twitter, Facebook wherever you are active. These platforms also offer variety of features and function that strengthen digital marketing.

  • Do Beta testing

This is a great method of sustaining quality of your app with each upgraded release. Always make sure while releasing an updated version that you test it out on beta testers.

This will allows you to resolve any issue or flaw in the update ultimately ensuring smooth and flawless functioning of an application which will further enhance the user experience. Ultimately you will likely to receive loyal and trusted customer base.

Just remember one thing do not try to resolve every flaw because nothing is perfect otherwise you will end up in wasting too much money on these testers.


If  you used above mentioned strategies wisely then you will certainly able to increase the download rate of your app which will increase the app ranking.