If your audience wants to know about your business then what the first thing they will do before going to meet you personally? They can simply check your website which your developer developed. Here they can show some rare features with good effects of theme and also some accurate contents. Remember you are operating good business and wants to achieve the goal. For this you can’t write anything negative about your company. Always be conscious about this.

Interesting websites are worth to watch, remember what to do for that

Website is something which every company has to develop. These days before meeting someone people go and check the website about the actual condition of the company. Suppose you develop the website and promise the audience that you can help them and give the best product. If you did that, this is the reason the clients deal with you.

What to add something special to make your website interesting?
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Nowadays people bring changes on their site and bring some innovative concepts while watching the others sites. They want their website should stand at first. It can be possible only if it shows outstanding features and the finest theme effects with good pictures. You have to add something to make it more interesting for the visitors to retain them. Here I will share some details which you can add to make your website more special and powerful.

1.Why don’t you add OpenSearch to your site?

There are many ways where you can win the heart of every audience who is looking to watch some interesting websites. You can add outstanding features. Open, Search feature is one of them. Let me tell you that most web browser allows you to search for any site from Address Bar. So if it can happen then there is no need to search from Google. You can now simply type URL of the site and press the tab key and then you can enter your search query to find next pages related to the site. One more thing you can do, just link to OpenSearch XML from the site and that would be easy for the site Search Engine to add automatically to the user’s browser.

2.Why don’t you include touch icons to make your site interesting?

Many of us look for those websites where someone places the shortcut of your website so my suggestion is why you don’t upload the touch icon for your website. If you want to show this feature then one thing you should always remember that the touch icons may have your website logo and initials. So it allows the users to relate with your brand. I will suggest you one tool to operate the touch screen process for Android and IOS users and that is Iconogen. It is the tool to generate the touch icons for IOS and Android instantly. Most importantly it is safe and free to use.

3. Why don’t you implement Google+ Authorship?

This might be interesting for you to understand why you need to do this. so read this paragraph to make it clear. If you are confused whether to connect the website with the Google+ or not then my suggestion is to do it right now. Do you want to know the reason, why? The first is your profile picture will start appearing on Google search result which will be next to your article. The next is Google start creating trust on the articles tied to verified online profile. It can also improve your search ranking.

4. Why don’t you print the QR Code in your Print stylesheet?

This is quite common for you to understand that people print web pages. Unfortunately it is not so easy. Reason is there is no such easy way to find out to link a paper with the sources. Yes, it can be an issue for someone to understand where a page was printed from. Now what you all have to do is just put the QR codes which enables every user to dismiss such problems. The role of QR is to get appended whenever someone prints a page from your own website.

5. Why don’t you publish your website in Chrome Store?

This is the last step which you can add in the list to operate your website in a better way. I know that you are aware about about the Google Chrome. I think millions of users operate their website from Google Chrome. So what you have to do is just write a Chrome app for your website. It is important so that you can publish in the Chrome web store. There is no need to hire any programmer because it will take just 5 minutes from your busy schedule to write an app. We have added this step because it increases your website visibility everywhere.  

If you are going to start your business. You must have to go with your own website. Kindly get in touch with us for any kind of website. We will be happy to help you.