One more victim of PUBG game is no more…

We have already told you several times that if you are operating something then use it in a limit because it just take few minute to convert it into habit. These days youngsters are getting addicted of PUBG game. Daily several incidents are going on like someone use his smartphone whole night and next day his eyes are paining. Even the fact is the addiction of smartphone and mobile applications are killing you from inside by creating anger and you feel depressed.

I don’t think so the developer has made such mobile applications to make you addict of such technology. Such things are just for your free time or you can operate it just for entertainment. Spending 6-8 hours with your smartphone and playing games can cause several problems. We can’t get back those people who are no more because of this addiction but we can create more awareness. So right now I am going to share two shocking news related to PUBG. I am sure it will be shocking for those who are PUBG game addict.  

This is the recent news from to Bhiwandi, Thana district. There a 15 years old boy killed his elder brother just only because his brother scolding him over playing PUBG regularly on his phone. He brutally killed his 19 yr old brother.

News came from Madhya Pradesh. A boy name Furkhan Qureshi who is just 16 years old and was a student of 12th standard belong to a small town Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. He became  addict of PUBG game. After came back from school he always started playing for long time. His family member told to the media that he died because of cardiac arrest as he was playing continuously for 6hrs. We will argue later on about the game or its ban but first of all let’s focus what their parents said to the media.

What you think PUBG should be ban after the incident of teen death?
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Furkan’s family member said that he started playing PUBG game from 26th of May this year and before he die he was playing from 6hrs nonstop. During the game he shouted loudly on friends who are involved with him online. His sister told to the media that she was regularly stoping him but he refused.

Fiza Qureshi, sister of 16 year’s old boy Furkan said that he just shouted loudly on his friends that “Come on go there, carry out blast” and then suddenly he threw his earphones and started crying. When this happen his parents directly took him to the hospital but unfortunately the time is over and doctor declared him dead. According to doctor this happened just because of cardiac arrest, it simply means heart attack.

Don’t you think this type of behavior of your child is not good for them. Due to this addiction children face many problems. Some of them I am going to mention here. If you notice any single point in below mentioned point then is ready to take correct action.

  • When they are unable to play their favoutrite game they behave restless and shows irritability.
  • Started lying to friends and family members
  • They try to isolate themselves from others to play games more and more.
  • They get anger very quickly.

Above mentioned are some common symptoms which you can see in your child. So don’t be late, take action immediately.

What I have told to you is not fake news as this is actual and current news. That is going on because of addiction of mobile games. Do you think that making mobile game application an addiction is good for you?

You can learn a lot from that news and folks I am not saying you just avoid smartphone; you use it but in a limit and the parent who are reading this must set a time that how much time their child can use smartphone. You are also responsible if your child get addict of such games. Banning PUBG is not a solution because there are several games like PUBG so you should be alert.