Get insight of the features of newest WordPress version.

The newest version of WordPress framework known as WordPress 5.2 RC2 has been launched on 2nd May 2019. It is an upgraded version addressing some past issues and also coming with some new features. We are going to explain all those new features of WordPress in this article.

We tried to include most of the features. So let’s have a look,

1. Feature of Site health checkup

This feature is added to this new version which allow user to review their site status. At least two new pages will be added to user interface allowing user to self-service their sites and can resolve common technical issues appear due to the long online presence.

These new pages possibly located at tools menu and provide the user with fresh/new user interface.  Among the two pages provided for review site health status.

The first page contains chain/series of tests on user site which diagnose the site condition with two indicators critical/good. The end result of each test recommend admin/user which are the critical problems which user need to pay attention immediately and which are the problems which can be resolved later.

What’s new with WordPress 5.2 RC2?
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These tests also contain actionable features giving direct links to infected areas of your dashboard which you can fix by adjusting the relevant settings.

2. Feature of filtering the tests

The great feature of this 5.2 version it allows filtering of tests through the feature of a Site_status_test.

This feature allows various plugins and themes to add new tests and remove existing ones on their own. 

These tests come under the 2 major categories direct and async.

Direct test are those which takes more time to run or function in order to avoid risk of any potential time out.

Async tests are those which require less time than direct tests and can run or function in succession period through AJAX calls after the loading of page is completed.

3. Feature of Information tab

This is another innovative feature of WordPress 5.2 version. It provides huge pile of information regarding website and server setup. It is used for sharing information looking for support at various locations.

It comes with a button which allows user to rapidly copy the information and data regarding any non-private content/information.

So the user can easily paste or share this information with others. This information tab feature is purposely designed for debugging process.

But one thing should be remembered that copied data/information only contains non-private information. This information can be filtered by marking the information as individual entries.

Another thing is page can be break in to two separate pages of plugins and themes. By using debug information filter plugins and themes can mark their own entries to these pages automatically by creating entries to existing sections or while creating new sections.

WordPress 5.2 is still under development process. Apart from these features it is possible that this new update might address these issues:

1. E-mail translation error:  This error is related to E-mail translations the solution of this error is under progress it will goes for review process

2. Issue related to exit button:  This issue is related to recovery mode. There is exit button design and patch is needed after then it will also goes for review process.

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