Saturday on dated 12th October Google confirmed that WhatsApp is back now on play store. Some days before users watch out that the app is not available to download on the Google play store and users are complaining about that. Can you believe on fact that most trending messaging application WhatsApp which is used by billions of people was not available in the play store to download?

Billions of users are shocked, WhatsApp removed and reinstated again

Most of the new users try to download the WhatsApp from play store but at that time it was not available. Till now the reason for this disappearance is still remain unclosed.

What do you think what can be the reason behind the disappearance of the WhatsApp? I think now nobody will ask the reason because the application is available on Google Play store again. Those who are WhatsApp lovers read the blog till end as we have some more information.

Ask from those who are Android users and who look to download the app few days back. They find out nothing because the application on Google play store at that time disappears. When users look at the app not there they complain Facebook-owned chat messenger app for this and yes finally all Android users can now download it.

WhatsApp disappeared from Google Play Store, now it’s back!
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Nowadays WhatsApp is too popular but still some users are not aware with this. It has many more features which gives an ease of massaging and calling to someone. Still WhatsApp is continuously introducing some exciting features which are worth to use. In my point of view WhatsApp is most trending messaging app, I am sure you all are agree with that. If still you are not using WhatsApp then try it.  Simply go to Google play store and download it from there.

Reason behind disappearance of WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is now available on the Google Play store again, don’t ask the question behind the disappearance of this application.
  • WhatsApp creates suspense for their app lovers as they didn’t share the actual reason why they remove from the Google play store. It may be for the security purposes or may be for some updation.
  • Do you think that they are looking to offer some unique features or wants to remove any bug.

Many questions are there to ask but unfortunately, WhatsApp didn’t respond about removing the application.

MSPoweruser reported that “Users are now reporting that the Facebook-owned instant chat messenger app no longer appears on the Play Store search results”.

Whatever the reason was but don’t worry guys Google is not going to disappear it again nor going to blacklist this app.

WhatsApp will no longer support for older versions!

It can be a tough situation for the smartphone users who are still using older versions. If we talk about Apple users then who are operating the older version like iOS8 then sorry to say you can’t use WhatsApp after Feb 2020. iOS is also in the blacklist of WhatsApp.

Let me share the reason, WhatsApp said that people who operate older version cannot user WhatsApp after 1st February 2020 and that is true folks. WhatsApp said, “We don’t explicitly restrict the use of jailbroken or unlock devices. However, these modifications might affect the functionality of your device; we can’t provide support for devices using modified versions of the iPhone’s operating system.”

Even for the Android users, if you operate version 2.3.7 in your Android smartphone then WhatsApp is just for few days for you all. WhatsApp cannot support older version operating system. 

If you remember in 2017 it stop giving support to Nokia and Blackberry. After this year all windows phone will lose the support of WhatsApp.

Sum it up

No need to worry now WhatsApp is again available to download. If still you are not using WhatsApp then use it with simply go to Google play store and type their WhatsApp and start download. We can’t reveal the actual reason behind removing the app because even we don’t know why they remove the most trending instant messaging application. Not only download the app but also you need to update your smartphone’s operating system to use it smoothly. So the time is to update your device otherwise you need to say “Bye Bye WhatsApp”.

Get in touch with us for more interesting article till then keep reading and start downloading WhatsApp.