Due to advancement in technology adoption or up gradation of new technological innovations taking place in each and every sector so how can Automobile sector remain untouched? Due to climatic and environmental changes global warming has increased worldwide and emission of pollution from vehicles has makes the situation even worse. Therefore, Demand of renewable technology new age vehicles such as electric cars, cars that runs on hydrogen etc. were on rise and today we are going to analyze some upcoming tech trends of automobile sector.

New age traffic signals

Traffic signals technology worldwide is undergoing the process of upgradation and transformation across the globe. So if you make your smart phone app synchronized with the traffic lights of your most visiting areas, locations or destinations. Then it will send you timely alerts regarding situations like of VIP passing, accident, heavy congestion etc.

Facility real time feedback in smart phone applications

Smart phone application will provide the real time feed back to the user which helps them saving their time and money. The information was based on peak traffic hours and high occupancy or exempt vehicles with the objective of prohibiting single passenger’s drivers on road side. 

For example smart pilot project in cities for providing free accommodation services to employees of industrial area. Success of these types of projects solely depends upon the feature of real time feedback for providing the car services on demand of the consumers.

Introduction of V2I technology-

Smart phones app helps in controlling pedestrian traffic by using V2I technology the technology that can track the number of vehicles pass through to a particular intersection at different period of time. So that it can calculate how many pedestrian are crossing the streets in which time their number is high. In case of emergency the city user gets alerts and notifications regarding any situation.

High grade infrastructure development-

If we talked about developing nations like India, Brazil, South Africa most of them is under construction economies. So the infrastructure needs according to the demand has not been fulfilled properly. Especially when it comes to road rail network you will surprise to believe that after 70 years of Independence India’s north east part has not been properly connected to the other parts of India. Neither the railway service has been provided to north eastern region. Abraham Lincoln First president of United States has spent majority of his tenure in construction of road-rail network throughout the country because he know that for become developed economy availability of open market is necessary that can be possible if you had advanced rail-road connectivity.

Rivaling nation china makes claims and try to harm India’s territorial integrity due to lack of infrastructure capacity and modernization of rail road network. But during the current government regime efforts and steps has been made to develop the infrastructure to upgrade it in some parts of the country we are still using century old infrastructure developed during the British rule.

 As a result incidents like rail accident, fly over collapse etc. happened in the country. So in order to achieve higher rail road infrastructure development we need to develop and upgrade our infrastructure

 Trend of location tracking apps

Now a day’s location tracking apps has become a common feature of luxury cars like Honda city, Range rover etc. Almost every renowned brand provides the feature of location tracking system in their cars.

you might not know but your car location tracking system Without your realizing in various forms such as Google logging your search history, Facebook keeping tracks of your data and activities the system can connect your smartphones has GPS (Global positioning system) which can pinpoint your exact location, give you directions, helps you in parking of the car etc.

Back up cameras

The topmost variant of majority of cars comes with the inbuilt system of back up cameras. Drivers do not have to look back repeatedly when he was driving in reverse gear. To be honest if you have money you can manually add this system on your cars by the help of private vendors.  This feature has provided great relief to the drivers who do not have the art of how to park the car in congested places?  Thus, reduce the risk of minor dents and scratches.

Bio-metric seat technology

This is the new technological development takes place in the sector of automobiles. Primary objective of these seats is to make the car smart and bio metric seat play an important role in it? This seat can collect real time data from the drivers face and palm and warn users about his emotional temperament, anxiety and can give instructions regarding proper driving. On a concluding note we can say that automobile sector is one of those sectors which are undergoing structural up gradation of technology but has bright future.