Developer’s first choice between Android and IOS.

Android and IOS collectively has hold over approximately 98.4 percent of smartphone app market. That’s why developers choose either one of them for developing an application. Consumer market for both platforms is different too. This is due to user’s taste and preferences. But the fact is, competition is tough between Android and IOS developers. Developers still chooses Android as a developing platform over IOS because of following reasons:

1. Android is more flexible:

Android operating system supports Java programming language which means developer who is building an app on Android is using Java. This grants Android developers more flexibility in terms of importing apps from other operating systems such as BlackBerry, Symbian etc.  Whereas IOS has its own programming language Swift and you have to proficient in swift and objective C for working on IOS.

2. Greater freedom in customization:

Customized home screen feature, there are many elements in Android which can be used by developers freely for satisfying their developing demands.

Whereas, In IOS this is not allowed and various elements/features are purposely locked in IOS developers are not allowed freedom in IOS because of Security aspect of the Operating system. That’s why it is said that IOS is not an open platform like Android. While developing Apps for Android, developer can customize its settings as per their requirements. The Android operating system grants full freedom to developers for expressing himself. It allows you to create your own customized home screen.

3. Java makes Android great:

Java is most widely used programming language along with C++ and majority of the applications are built on these languages. Android also compatible with Java which means developer can build wide variety of Applications on Android consisting of wide range of technicalities, specifications and functionalities across the various devices. Whereas for IOS developer’s, need to learn IOS default programming languages only. So it is become little difficult to work with IOS. 

4. Greater and portable memory:

Android provides greater memory space and you can also expand it by using portable and easily available Memory cards at affordable prices. Whereas in Apple device ask you to pay extra $100 for upgrading the device into (16)-(32)-(64 GB) device.

Why most of the developers choose Android in place of IOS?
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So which one is better In Android with little money you can purchase memory card. Whereas, In IOS You need to spend some hefty amount clearly Android is more preferred than IOS by App developers.

5. Play store is quick than App stored:

It means when it comes to launch the apps on respective app stores of both operating systems then Android based Google play store is faster than IOS based App store. Which means developers can launch their app much quickly on play store while it takes time on Apple’s App store. Also developer can update its app more quickly on Play store whereas it takes few days to allowing the developer to update its respective app. This is because Apple app store known for its high security standards and loyalty for customers. So it gives customer’s security first preference rather than marketing and business. You can think that play store prefers quantity whereas apple app store prefers quality.

6. Financial and Structural barriers:

There are some financial and structural barriers of developing app on Google play store and APP store. For developing app on IOS developer MAC operating system is compulsory. Whereas Android is compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, Windows etc.  Also cost of building an app on IOS is more than android. IOS charge $99 for registration on apple store from the developer whereas Google play store charge $25 for one time registration.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that developers prefer Android over IOS because of its flexible nature. Android is an open platform but this trend has changed in recent years. Also developers are opting IOS because of the security. IOS platform provide security to its developers in terms of developing the app.