Folks, if you don’t know then let me tell you a new revolutionary moment started in India called “Mastodon” lately. Mastodon is a social media bandwagon where if not everyone, but especially “Twitter operators” are jumping into. It is basically an app that is an alternative to Twitter.

Recently, several Twitter users began migrating to Mastodon social networking platform after a protest that began with Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hegde’s Twitter account suspension. Not only common people are joining this Mastodon bandwagon, but also famous names like AltNews co-founder Pratik Sinha and musician Vishal Dadlani have already made an account on this app.

Why people are moving to Mastodon app?
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So, why this new social media revolution is at a peak? Why do people moving from Twitter to Mastodon? What the app is about?  A lot of questions you have been asking yourself right! Guys, stop mulling over this matter because I’m going to scratch the surface of this whole “Mastodon” story now. Keep reading the article till the end, may be you will also like to join the app at last.

Why Twitter users are moving to Mastodon?

Mastodon has been in popularity and grown to over 2.2 million people significantly in the last one week on Google. Let me tell you how this moment started? After blocking the Twitter account of Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hegde, this is done due to some of his posts about ‘Nazi’ which got reported. He basically posted a photo of a man refusing Nazi salute.

After his suspension of the account, Hegde announced that he’s going to quit Twitter and start posting on Mastodon and many people too decided to quit Twitter in solidarity.

It is also noted that many people accused Twitter of ignoring people marginalized casts and communities. They have claimed that Twitter verifies people from affluent sections of the society and deny the “blue tick” to people from marginalized class.

After reading the whole matter above, you can say that Mastodon is a decentralized social network service, which allows users to create their own private networks. The sole idea behind Mastodon is to let the community make their own rules and adhere to them and not necessarily to kill Twitter.

Now let’s talk about Mastodon app and its function in detail.

It is not wrong to say that the Mastodon app is enough for people using Twitter as they’ve “suspended Twitter” and it’s the best alternative for them.

Mastodon as mentioned above an open-source decentralized social app that introduced in early 2016 and wasn’t so popular then. Now it became the center of limelight. Basically, it launched as a Twitter killer, but couldn’t manage to attract many people, but recently Mastodon got a sudden rise in its new users.

Moreover, the major idea behind the Mastodon app is the same as Twitter. Here you’re allowed to post short messages (500 characters limit) called “toots” unlike Twitter you could only write up to 280 characters post. Like Twitter, you can also repost or comment on posts in the Mastodon app.

However, the implementation of the Mastodon app might be different for you. It allows you to host your own server called an “Instance”. With this you can easily connect with the federal social networks and interact with each other. One good thing here is that this platform allows you to apply your own rules to your server and provides the community with the ability to moderate it as well. In Twitter’s case, the rules of the platform are determined by the company itself.

How you can create an account on Mastodon?

For creating an account on Mastodon, you must to visit the official website of it and sign up by creating a username and password. Let me also tell you that iPhone or Android users will not be able access to this app as Mastodon doesn’t have an official app for iOS and Android, but yes, you will find a bunch of client apps such as Mast Legacy and Toot for iOS and Tusky and Subway Tooter for Android users.

The bottom line!

Let me conclude this blog by saying that the Mastodon app has gain popularity in India as a revolutionary or decentralized social network, but it is yet to establish its personality. Right now Mastodon has 2.2 million users globally and Twitter has 300+ million users. So people can get connected to Mastodon app because it too enables you to connect with people globally.

Unlike other social media apps, Mastodon can’t be sold or the government can’t block it either. Furthermore, you can also apply your own rules to this app and it also provides you an anti-abuse tool to moderate instances that may violate social policies.

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