Video marketing is best for the promotion and growth of business.

Video marketing is an aspect of digital marketing but among the various other marketing aspects video marketing is on top for promotion of business. It is a medium where we can showcase our products and services. Sometimes written advertorial is not able to convey the marketing message in a way that video does. By using visual medium you can even disseminate your message beyond your target audience.

There is a saying that picture is worth than 1000 words but when you insert some words in form of audio, text, speech etc. The same picture takes the form of video. Video is a process in which still images get converted into moving or lively images. Even an uneducated and illiterate person can able to interpret the message disseminated via video.

Therefore, today we are going to highlight some major factors that make video marketing first choice for the promotion of business.

Video make instant impact

What happen if the brands like OPPO, VIVO etc. start advertising their products in an old and obsolete way such as in a pamphlet or in a form of text will that able to attract more consumers? The answer of majority is the people will throw away that pamphlet without noticing. This will cause the loss of potential customer.  But the same cannot be said about video advertisement; sooner or later consumer will definitely pay attention.

 For example, if we published classified advertisements of the newspapers via visual medium more consumers will be get informed and attracted to even those advertisements. As compared to other methods video is able to create instant impact if consumer will not buy your product then at least your product and services will get to the mind of consumer.

Expanding reach

The greatest benefit of video marketing is that it will reach too much wider and diverse audience. It helps business owners to reach their potential customers or target audience much more easily. Whereas access to potential customer via traditional means takes much time and investment, by deploying video marketing technique give access to the various platforms which will help you in marketing such as YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo etc.

It has been noticed that users much more willing to share video as compared to text this is the reason that video becomes viral very soon. If you share your promotional video via E-mail or social media user definitely you will forward the link.

Video marketing helps in brand establishment

Video arouses emotions via video marketing you can established your brand.

In simple words the great method of to do branding is none other than video marketing.  Through video you instill your brand into consciousness of consumer via using the effective marketing technique “brain storming.” As long as you know the art of playing with emotions you will receive success in marketing.

Why video marketing is on top for the promotion of business?
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The best example you can see the famous advertisement of Samsung cable maintenance services. In this advertisement they have touch the human sensitivity by playing with the emotion.

Video marketing take the grasp of mobile audience

Due to advancement in technology smartphone users in India is growing at unprecedented rate. Most of them are youth who engage themselves in watching video for long hours on YouTube.  According to data it has revealed that approximately 90 percent of users watch videos on mobile for reaching a decision that whether they should buy the product or not. The viewers on YouTube are increasing at such a rate annually that they can surpass television in no time.

So making separate marketing strategies for mobile users can further boost your business growth.

Video marketing helps in establishing consumer trust and satisfaction

The great advantage of marketing product and services via visual medium is that you can earn the loyal customers and maintain the trust with your brand.

A decade ago 100 percent guaranteed labeled advertisements came in the market which was majorly in form of text. But the time has changed nowadays people won’t believe easily even if you write 100 percent return on a product failure.

But if you made the video in which somebody is speaking the same thing people will take notice of it immediately. It is related above mentioned point level of impact made by visual medium is much greater than other medium and methods.


Video marketing allows consumer’s feedback in form of like, dislike, comment facility. When you launched or release your video marketing products and services people who use that type of products will write their experience in comment section. 

The people who are working in that business will also share their opinion. Through this you can get insight of industry like strength and weakness of your products, ongoing market trends, consumer queries in which you are doing business.

By understanding above mentioned points we can say that video marketing is best method for the promotion of business because it serves as both audio-visual techniques of promotion.