Social media marketing is more than just posting about your business and keep your followers up to date. Done right social media marketing can propel your business to the inbound Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham leads who have a level close to 100% higher than outbound marketing. That’s important!

No matter what industry you’re in or what you are selling. Social media marketing allows you to get your message to the right person and filter through involved with the creation of a custom audience.

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Do Custom Audiences

custom creation audience is very underused, mostly business owners I talk to do not get involved with it or fully understand its value.

custom creation does not target audience! Its filter who you have been targeted for users that engage with your content. Have the right strategy in this way you can build a list of Facebook users who are involved and interested in what your message. Meaning you can then offer your services to a warm market.

the creation of a special audience on facebook

A common mistake I see is throwing business their services to the public cold. In other words, make a post about the supply or service and increase to the targeted audience. The problem here is that the audience cold, do not have confidence in your brand and are not interested in what you have to say yet. Let alone buy from you.

The right strategy to take is to create and distribute great content that solves problems and answer questions. This will increase your posts engagement and allows you to re-target users who actually show interest in what you have to say the business.

Have a look at the example below.

Funnell media sales socail

The first part of the content (in this case but it could be a video blog post) is targeted to a wide audience that suits your targeting criteria. (Location, age, interests, etc.) From this post you create a custom audience of users who show interest. (In this case the people who see 30% or more of the video, but if a blog post track people through facebook pixels) Then we retarget those users with fresh new content that drills deeper into the issue of your content is about. Rince and repeat the process and then you have a specific audience that you know to move to what you say and much more likely to buy from you
Basically what you are doing here is to filter out all of the targeted users who showed no interest and at the same time heating the user doing.
Social media marketing when done Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham correctly is very profitable. But like all forms of marketing you need the right strategy for your business.

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