Food truck strange kind of business. Sometimes they are permanent fixtures, sometimes they are seasonal-and they regularly take advantage of aspects of “truck” to do business in multiple locations.

With this unique type of business Digital Marketing Company Newcastle model, one can reasonably assume that the food trucks can not be listed in Google My Business (GMB). But it’s time to think again: if you truck food leftovers in a fixed location or travel between events, it qualifies for the GMB list.

truck food in places that are permanent
If you run a food truck tied to a certain address, you can obtain your GMB would register like any other restaurant. But to show an address and register yourself as a storefront, you will need:

Permission to represent the location (eg lease agreements with landlords whose truck is parked)
permanent signage at the location, even when the truck is not there
the food trucks around
food truck can be registered as a Business Service Area because they effectively took trips to their customers to deliver the goods. In this case, the remnants of the hidden addresses from Google users. Instead, the list will be attached to the next truck that served rather than the actual vehicle itself.

Do you plan to display the address, you still need to go through the address verification process Google, which ensures that nobody other than the owner or tenant uses the location-information such as an address or phone number to register their business.

Address field verification in Google My Business

If you operate several stationary food trucks, each of which will require a unique address. Services business area food trucks, on the other hand, can not have overlapping service areas, so that all trucks will be covered by a single branded register with a single combined service area.

Do not have a mailbox in your food truck business location? Request a PIN instead. This PIN will be verified through the phone number you provided, but can take up to 14 days to arrive. Once processed, the Google team will reach out to you to complete verification of your food truck business.

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You categorize business
After you register the food truck is a living, proper categorization will help you more effectively target their search for a type of cuisine. A stationary food trucks should be considered together with any restaurant, like “Greek Restaurant” or “Vegetarian Restaurant”. After all, as a stationary vendors, your food is your selling point of the most powerful than your mobility.

food truck listings on Google Maps

To truck food service areas, categorized as “catering” or “Mobile Catering” is the way to go. If you offer catering in the room other than your food truck (s), select “catering”; if you only food truck business, “Mobile Catering” will explain your business and attract the best and most relevant traffic to your listing.

Let’s serve up some great results
Are you running an independent single food truck or an entire fleet, it’s smart to take advantage of the GMB and focus on your local online presence. stationary truck owners get much greater visibility into pedestrian traffic generated by users looking for a nearby restaurant while roaming the truck can increase their visibility on the food truck bookings for festivals, weddings, and other lucrative events.

Want to get more out of Google? Not sure how to make a list of businesses that will drive growth for your food Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle truck, restaurant, or visitors? We are ready to help-and, as usual, it all starts with a friendly chat. Contact DAC.

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