When it comes to your business, how Doing your website can make or break your brand. If you want to drive traffic to your site and expand your reach, you have to start with SEO Digital Marketing Company in Southampton site audit. This first step is essential to all good digital marketing strategy. No, you can not identify a gaping fault the site and work to improve the user experience. Basically, your customers will leave in their droves.

Why do I need a review?
Trust us, you do. In general, SEO site audit will look at how well you are doing compared to your competitors, and what you can do to get on top. Analyzing people like the site speed, the keyword strategy and link building tips, you can begin to implement a plan to get that all-important first page in Google and in front of your customers. In terms of quantity, 67% of all clicks on the SERPs is for the top five list. It’s beginning to look a little somber when you are at the bottom of the page, with the result that states 95% of all traffic is spent on the first page of Google. If you are not on the first page, you share 5% with other competitors and the rest of the world. If you do not get search engine marketing plan and an audit is sorted soon, you risk losing a valued customer.

When it comes to SEO audit services, we may divide it into five basic steps:

big issues
filter products / AMP
content marketing
digital outreach
local SEO
Step 1: Big problem
First things first, we need to assess a major problem and know what we are facing. We will crawl your entire web site to identify areas that make our digital marketers at night. We take advantage of people like Pingdom and GT Metrix to measure the speed and look for solutions. For example, the tool will provide information on any obstacles and provide a good overview on how long your website is taking a load. We know our customers change, and they will not wait long.

When it comes to increasing the speed of the website, we would suggest to people such as:

minimize diversion
Combining external JavaScripts as merging files can make rendering faster
Minimizing the size of the request
Combining images using CSS spirit
sites where the content delivery network, which means your customers are served data from the location of their nearest
Google Search Console
dashboard error
dashboard errors can cause significant problems on your site. We will find fault with the DNS (Domain Name System) as part of our SEO audit services. Basically, this error means that Googlebot can not connect to your domain. Therefore, it can not be your customers.

server connectivity
Technical SEO audit is essential if your site has trouble connecting to your server, so time out. We are all busy, and we will only wait so long – you need immediate help. Problem one-off might not be much cause for concern, but the issues are repeated screaming problem again in the future.

robots.txt take
SEO review will consider Digital Marketing Company Southampton whether Googlebot can retrieve your robots.txt file. It’s an easy fix – that developers can create and upload it to the root of your server.

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Crawl level
When we crawl the page as part of technical SEO audit, we would like to see a steady increase. Every drop weight in the pages crawled per day and kilobytes downloaded per day may mean we see a wider issue. Both graphs for each should look similar. Finally, the time spent downloading a page must be pretty consistent, unless there is ever a slow server at some point.

Analyzing sitemap shows whether indexing is the root cause of any problem. If you have a large number of URLs submitted, but only a few are indexed – no problem. SEO site audit will look to measure numbers. You may need to revisit the structure of your sitemap if you do not have a sitemap index, with a smaller sitemap file, which means you can not identify the file / category does not get indexed.