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You need a landing page – large, high-performance landing pages that convert a high percentage of visitors.
You need to capture leads. You need customers.

In other words: you need a landing page. Large, high-performance landing pages that convert a high percentage of visitors.

But consider this:

The average conversion rate landing page 2:35%.

search distribution conversion rate

How can you make your landing page exceeds this average and convert at a much higher conversion rate?

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For example, how can you be in the top 10 reached 11.45% and above?

To begin with, you need to follow the best practices of the landing page to make sure you start with a great design – that’s one of the most important steps in developing a high converting pages.

7 steps to create a high converting landing pages
Resources Take our Individual Members – 7 steps to create a high converting landing pages

This guide has more than 50 examples of best practice to inspire improvements to your landing page that covers various sectors of retail, financial services, travel, business-to-business and not-for-profit.

Accessing 7 steps to create a high converting landing pages

In this blog post, find the 12 best practices to create high-converting landing pages.

  1. Use the right landing page builder
    The first step in creating a landing page that converts visitors into leads is to use the right tools. In this way, you can express your ideas effectively on your landing page.

Of course, the landing page builder you choose will depend on your needs. For example, if you use WordPress and you want to build a landing page without leaving your dashboard, Elementor is a great choice for this.

If you are working as a team of one, you can easily download the WordPress plugin and design effective landing pages for free, directly in your WordPress. There are more than 300 templates to choose from and customize, and plus, you can also edit and customize the mobile version of your landing pages – all with a simple to use drag-and-drop editor.

Elementor Page Builder

However, if you run an agency, such as Unbounce landing page would be more appropriate as it caters for this type of business. Unbounce provide tools such as A / B testing, the page duplication of the entire campaign is different, and dynamic text replacement for your paid advertising campaign.


  1. Create a simple landing page
    When it comes to creating landing pages, this best practice will never go out of fashion. That’s because it is simple, neat page make it easy for visitors to understand your offerings page and find your CTA button.

If you create your page is too complicated and busy, there is a high probability you will confuse your visitors rather than convince them to convert. This is the most important question to ask while creating your page:

What important element that moves visitors to a conversion?

Just having these elements on your page.

Look at this landing page with GKIC:

landing page GKIC

This page is very simple and clearly explains the bid in one sentence. It is easy for visitors to understand the offer page and easier to take action.

  1. Have an effective copy on your landing page
    Although there are usually only a few words on the landing page, this could make all the difference when it comes to conversion. Does your landing page copy is quite clear about your offers? Is strong enough to convince people to take action?
    The last thing you need here is Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle ambiguous. Likewise, if you have the benefits that set your product apart, this is the place to tell viewers about it.

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