PPC and online advertising world has opened up the opportunity for even the smallest of businesses and companies to generate great exposure among potential customers relevant. Unlike the much more traditional media and advertising channels, renowned Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle platform such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have made it possible to promote the much sought after products and services to users who are actively interested and looking for them.

However, one caveat to unlock the full potential of these many online advertising giant is tracking conversions. accurate tracking of website or application is IMPORTANT. Do you have a lead generation or eCommerce business, advertising without tracking tag effectively organize your site like playing darts blindfolded – you’ll never know if you hit the target.

There is no reason that the correct set up conversion tracking for your PPC advertising is one of the more mundane tasks and complicated. With an abundance of variables to consider, such as the type of business (shop online / lead generation), web site platforms (Magento, Shopfiy, WordPress, etc.) and many more, it is a sight full of traps. Fortunately PPC & SEO team in GSM experienced in almost every scenario tracking settings you can throw at them.

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The importance of an accurate conversion tracking extends far beyond simply have no visibility on how many sales you receive or how much contact form completed on your site. It provides important insights into user behavior that can inform the entire strategy of your PPC ads in many different aspects of your account:

granular reporting

Properly implemented unlock tracking key metrics in a dashboard PPC channels such as Google and Bing. Metrics like “conversion”, “Conversion Value / Revenue”, “Cost Per Acquisition / CPA” can all be measured against some of the most granular level of each platform’s reporting interface. This means that PPC advertisers can see the number of transactions, leads, revenue, ROI and cost per conversion on even level search request. The level of granularity enables users to analyze and optimize account performance based keyword conversions, extensions, variations of ad creative, audience, tools and more.

Budgeting & Forecasting

With the ability to measure the volume of conversions and revenue, advertisers only know whether a campaign is effective or not in achieving their goals. This belief of the campaign or account effectiveness in hitting the target KPI gives you the insight needed to make decisions on your PPC ad spending and the budget. Without it, it would be much more difficult to attribute sales and leads back to your ad. However, knowing what the conversion rate you receive for your costs means that you can budget scale up and down either cut back on the campaign is doing poorly or maximize on those who produce powerful results.

Not only this, but by applying accurate tracking in both lead generation and e-commerce businesses, advertisers can build up a large amount of historical data that can be used to identify patterns of seasonal and promotional performance – allows for the creation of a proactive budget strategy.

Leads Generation and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Share-based services company, led the effective tracking is a prerequisite for understanding the true value of their PPC advertising efforts. Not only is it possible to measure how many leads were generated through your advertising spend, but you can segment this conversion in a conversion action separately including: contact form delivery, booking appointments, live chat interaction, call the Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle website, click the link in the email, newsletter subscriptions and more.

With all of this gathered into conversions column PPC platform like Google Ads, Ad Microsoft or Facebook Ads, causing genes.

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