This is a guest post by Lou Noble, editor-in-chief of The Photographic Journal, and a member of Flickr active for fifteen years. You can follow his work here.

Friends and family tell you Digital Marketing Company Newcastle very good photo. They ask if you have considered doing it as a job. You got a lot of “love” online. Your current job is hardly as exciting as the idea of ​​taking pictures of famous people and places. Like taking pictures.

Being a professional, you think: maybe there will be money! And the trip! But there is also an invoice to worry about, and taxes, and are worried about changes in trends, and the bill, the PR, search-engine optimization list is endless.

What if you could take a picture and not have to worry about all that? Because you can. You can enjoy taking pictures, making art, is involved in the act of creation, as something completely separate from work, apart from stress, perhaps even apart from others, if that’s your thing. Photography is and can continue to be your solace from the world of work. The place you are free to create what you want, at your own pace.

Like taking pictures … think about how lucky that is, how so many people do not have anything like that. the idea that we have to change every skill and talent into something that produces income … I would say yes, it ignores important aspects of a healthy life: joy. Pure, unencumbered joy.

Not everything should work. Not everything must yield paid. Most of my favorite things do not give me money.

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Think sunset you’ve photographed. The sensation you’ve got, when it turns right shot. Your community has been a part of through photography. Think back to times when that is the result of you are involved with (and creating) art.

Moment you touch the sublime. You do not need to be a professional for the moment. You do not need to be paid for the moment. What we photographers do, what we make, it is separate from the trade. This runaway. It’s cathartic, creation. Collaboration. It is art for art.

There is a time and place for the Work. I have a job, I like it, I do not mind doing that … but I do not want my whole life to be Work. Hobbies, art, this is a space provided for freedom of Work. Provided for joy.

So when someone asks if I want to do this professionally, or if I want to make money in this … I asked them: not enough joy? Because deep, I understand that photography is not about me making money. This is not about me traveling, meet celebrities. It’s about experiencing joy. No need to file tax returns to feel the joy. Just have to pick up the camera and shoot.

But I want to know what you think! Head over to this thread, to share the experience with the “pros”! Is that Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle all you ever dreamed? Maybe you had the chance and refused … let us know why! Even better, maybe this is all just a bunch of gibberish to you … go yell at me!

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