Instagram, unarguably the most famous social media platform right now. It has over 1 Billion active monthly users around the world. It is just behind Facebook in the number of users all over the world. Everybody is on Instagram these days. Though Instagram was launched in 2010 as a platform to share pictures and posts. But these days it has become THE best platform for marketing. Yes! Social media marketing is no longer a new thing now. Instagram has been extensively used for marketing. Brands are constantly increasing their presence on this platform. Totally 90 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand. So should you also join this platform? Definitely yes.

Social media is the best platform for marketing your products and services. If you also run a business, you must know the difficulties of marketing. With Digital marketing you can simply market your products and with Instagram marketing you can market your products among a wider audience from different nationalities.

If you are convinced to start Instagram marketing you would need professional help of some social media marketing agency. One such agency is Citiesagencies which is perfectly specialized for Instagram marketing. Citiesagencies have skilled professionals and experts who will make a perfect Instagram Marketing strategy for your brand. How? You will find out later in the article. So let’s dig right into it

Citiesagencies will make your Instagram marketing perfect

Instagram marketing perfect


Below are ways by which Citiesagencies will make a perfect Instagram marketing strategy for your brand. Let’s take a look at them

➽ Setting up your Instagram business account

The first thing that needs to be done in this marketing is to create a business account on Instagram. Citiesagencies will set up the perfect Instagram business account of your brand. Using a business account over a personal account for business is important. A business account will allow you to use certain features that personal account will not. Like

  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram insights
  • Primary and secondary messaging inboxes
  • Instagram shopping
  • Contact information and Call to Action button on your profile.

So with Citiesagencies you can make sure that you can use all the features mentioned above.

➽ Building the perfect profile for you

Instagram allows you to write upto 150 characters in your bio so that needs to be impressive. Besides that other aspects of the profile like name, user name, profile photo, website and Call to Action should be perfect as well. Marketing experts at Citiesagencies will  build a perfect profile for your business. We will ensure that your profile makes a good first impression on the user and it also portrays your brand personality as well.

➽ Choosing the right profile photo

Profile photo is generally the second thing (name being first) that user notices. So it has to be great as well. The photo provides credibility and also let the users take a glance at your brand. Your profile photo should be fit to that circle which displays it. Citiesagencies will make sure that your photo is perfectly cropped if necessary and that it is clearly visible. It is always advisable to put your brand’s logo as the profile photo.

➽ Creating visually persuasive content

As I told you earlier, Instagram is the place where people post pictures and videos mainly. So, the visual content dominates this social media platform. Hence, the content needs to be attractive and appealing. Our experts at Citiesagencies are well versed with these methods. Our professionals are well experienced in creating visually appealing and compelling content. The images will be eye-grabbing and attractive. If there is text involved in the picture, we would make sure that it is clearly visible and easy to read. Some content ideas that we use

  • BTS or behind the scenes videos, these are really popular these days. You can share a look of your office, store front or production process with the followers.
  • Videos are the most common content type available on Instagram. Videos of your products and services can be shared with your followers. The video should be short as usually people don’t spend much time on long videos and we will ensure that.
  • Text based images. Because Instagram does not provide a dedicated section to post textual content like Facebook does. It does allow to write the caption though but that is different. Most of the times, images has to be used to post textual information. Our experts will create visually appealing text based images.
  • UGC or user generated content. This is one of the best method to promote your products. In UGC, a user shares his or her experience with your product by posting it on their personal account, it may be a picture of a dress that you sell or shoes or books. Then you can share their post, with their permission, on your Instagram account.

These were some of the content types that we use to promote your products.

➽ Setting up Instagram shop

This is another important feature of Instagram that can help you grow your business. This feature is only available on business accounts and that’s why i mentioned that business account is better over personal account. Citiesagencies will help you in creating your online store on Instagram using Instagram shop feature.

➽ Using the right hashtag

Hashtags are not only important on Twitter but on Instagram also. They are a key to increase the visibility of your brand and findability. Generally five to nine hashtags are recommended. Citiesagencies will make sure that

  • Hashtags are relevant
  • They are specific to your niche
  • They do not encourage follow-me or like swapping
  • And they are not repetitive
  • Lots of hashtags are not stuffed and they are not spammy

Wrapping up

In the above sections, we saw the importance and advantages of a perfect Instagram marketing for a business. There are many brands on Instagram so it might seem a little difficult to make a place for your brand but if you follow the above mentioned tactics with the help of Citiesagencies then you can also become one of those successful businesses on Instagram.

Just get in touch if you have any related query.