Ticktock seemingly overnight success as a highly successful video sharing application. sequential application store up the charts playing down to Douyin buy better known Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton application exits, the effectiveness of combining two large audience. Because the application has more than 800 million active users around the world, it is not surprising that advertise begin to see the true potential of this new advertising platform. Some big brands have chosen to advertise on the platform such as KFC, Too Faced and Tangle Teezer. Buy ads in Tiktok, you have a large audience, with 66% of users under 30 with a bias towards a female audience.

How Does Using tiktok brand

Brands use the platform to create their own branded channel and uploading relevant content to generate traffic and engagement.
Brands also have the option of working with the creators of the popular platform, which allows them to reach a larger audience.
Lastly, brands can pay to advertise on the platform where they have some choice over the ad format and style they want to make.
Paid Ad Types

brand Takeover

brand Takeover ad appear as soon as the user opens ticktock, bring your brand message does not interfere with your audience before they investigate user generated content. Using this format is limited to one day advertise but do not provide the option to present a full-screen video to your audience and less competition.

Using the brand takeover is the best advertising tools to deliver brand awareness and achieving sales. Your ads will also appear in For Your Page, landing page when a user opens a ticktock, like pictures, GIFs and videos, which also includes links to direct your audience to a landing page that you select.


As a platform, ticktock thrives on trends, making this kind of advertising is very popular. This ad type allows you to reach a large audience and have them actively involved in your brand, allowing them to use their own creativity to create and promote content. These ads work by allowing you to create your own unique banner that will be displayed on the find page and will direct users to your challenge.

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First Video Ad:

Ads are formatted as 9-15 seconds of video that we can be ignored and appear in the feed along with user generated content. These ads support the call that you choose to act, whether it’s a purchase, sign or app downloads.

Branded Lens: When users generate content, they have the option to select a filter. branded lens allows advertising to design a filter to promote the brand. It can live for up to 10 days at a time and prompts the user to create content.

Audience Targeting:

You have the option to target users use multiple targeting options. You can use interest targeting ticktock predefined user groups based on what they interact with most. You also have the option to upload a list of your current customers, such as Google or Facebook. There is also a selection of retargeting app, you can retarget all users of the site and you can also retarget users who have previously interacted with your ads on ticktock.

You can also target people using lookalike audience where algorithms learn the attributes of your current converter based on demographics, location, operating system, and interests. The application then uses this attribute to target users with similar attributes using more targeted like “typical”, “Balanced” or “Size”. Using a lookalike audience in your advertising can reduce the time to discover and help Creative Digital Marketing Agency in+ Southampton the algorithm on a faster learning platform that is interested in your brand, which ultimately gives you more conversions.

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