Hey, what’s going on everyone? So I am currently heading towards the mountains to spend a few days Digital Marketing Company Bath at a ski cabin for the weekend we rented for the winter. And as I was driving along, I realized that I learned an important lesson a few weeks ago that I thought might be relevant to you all as well.

There are many entrepreneurs and freelancers, and the owner of the agency, and that sort of thing to listen to this podcast. So I think this is relevant.

A few weeks ago we were in the mountains, and we went skiing inland. So my wife and I love to ski in the winter. It’s our thing and we did a lot of skiing inland, so a lot of tours where you basically put things under your skis called the skin, and which allows you to put your skis to climb the mountain.

So we basically have this special bindings that we put part of our boots into. They are called pin bindings. And back, our heels, free. So this is not telemark skiing, ski them inland. We can flip around 90 degrees heel piece and tamp down our heels and ski down regularly. But so basically we do this.

Part of the fun is climbing. We call it earning your turns. You’re climbing and you get to the top, and it was a wonderful run, is not it? untouched powder.

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Because it is not officially a ski run, it’s just a mountain, and you go up the snow on top of it that you are going to ski down. And so we went to this slope that we’ve been out on a few times now, and we had our daughter with us. We pulled up, and I believe my wife was pulling at his little [inaudible 00:01:50] wagon in tow.

And Courtney would hang down in the pasture while I went with the dog and glide slope. I will go back down, hang out with Tatum so that Courtney could go and do it yourself.

So there have been plenty of snow this year in Colorado. We are actually more than 300 inches already in Breckenridge, which is the earliest that they have hit that mark in 15 years, or something like that. So it’s been a phenomenal snow year. I’ve been in great form of shoveling snow, let me tell you what.

And so we went to the meadow, rolled up there, and then the dog and I kind of took off and we were skinning up. And I was like, man, slightly crusty snow, right? There is a kind of multiple layers here because I walk and take my ski pole and punched through, just to kind of feel of where the layer of snow. I feel there may be a layer which is somewhat weak, and the top is a little gnarly.

It’s a bit crusty, but it feels alright lower. And so I peel through the trees and I started to fall and I was like, man, that we normally face ski, it’s not super steep. And basically when you ski’re like this, and then you will ski down this slope, you are searching for avalanche, right? And I would say the avalanche was a bad thing. If you get caught up in it, you could die. We had avalanche training and you know … so I know what to look for and I know this … the contours of the slopes, we’ve seen it several times. It was beautiful, and we … but this is … you go to the hill this one, and then it was sort of a divot, because there is no better word. And then you go to the next one, and you get to the top.

It usually cornice there. You know, you kind of want to avoid, do not want to break off the slopes. And I saw the middle, and I was like, man, it’s sort of wind loaded, so I’m not going to ride it. I’m going to ride this other face, which is a little more power than we normally face ski, but as the south-southwest, so basically the South.

And I’ll be there, I kind of crossing back and forth across, take my corner and go. And I’m going to the dogs, he Digital Marketing Companies Bath comes up behind me. I’m like, all right, I’ll go up and I [inaudible 00:04:01], it was still a little sketchier further we go.

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