Have you ever seen a big spreadsheet and think … ‘WTF’? If so, you are certainly not alone.

When I’m dealing with a lot of data that Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth I probably spent a good 10 minutes just staring at the screen numbers, columns and READ.ME record before doing anything productive.

But fear not, as exciting as it is to mindlessly stare at things, there is a better way to digest, share and celebrate data … It’s a magic thing that makes the key trends and stories stand out in a heartbeat, involved even the biggest hater spreadsheet EVEN Data brand world and sexy (yes it is possible). This is called…

Data visualization
Now, most of us have heard about the visualization of data (or data that is if you’re a cool kid), but if you do not, I will define data visualization for you using this simple formula:

Data + story + design = visualization of data

Easy. Somewhat.

Problems with the data viz (yes, I’m the cool kids), is a highly subjective design. Design, format and interactive elements which may be super clear and beautiful for you, it can be tragic complicated and unattractive to others. disconnect between the creator and the general user, you only need to Google ‘infographic’ and you will see an array of designs that someone, somewhere, at some point the idea is great, but that does not show the story clear and / or very difficult to navigate / look.

Technically, every visualization of data is data that, but certainly no argument that every visualization same trick as raw data, less ‘is’ and fairer data. And we need ‘that’ guys, it was the second best part.

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So, if you are wondering why you have not seen the beautiful picture in an article entitled ‘What is Data Visualization?’, You are right for the curious. I definitely have to include some sort of picture with right now. To fix that, I’ve been through some Aira own digital PR and content marketing campaigns and dissect them a bit to show how data can help communicate the story is cool and makes the data more readable and relatable …

Per square Millionaires Mile
This special campaign is an excellent example of taking some big numbers and give them a little more context and impact.

The raw data (compiled by Knight Frank) has a population of millionaires in some of the largest cities in the world. Now, the numbers themselves are quite impressive, with London has more than 350,000 residents millionaires, New York and Hong Kong nearly 340,000 over 227,000. It was really easy to just show it in a simple graph (which will definitely work). However, I think it would be an impact to explore the possibility of bumping into a millionaire. So, to attract the size of each city and divides the number of millionaires per square mile, I could show you a millionaire density of each city.

The size of city was changed to the entire dataset, giving the piece a completely new angle. Seeing all the dots small millionaire in some of the most recognized cities in the world cool and definitely has more impact than a bar graph.

By adding interactive sort-by button at the top of the piece, the user also has control over how they view the data, giving them the option to see the city with the most / least millionaire total and those with the highest / lowest millionaire density. Overall the styling is pretty sweet too.

World heritage sites
This campaign is a great example of aesthetically pleasing Data is (IMO). Users can simply hover over most endangered heritage sites in the world and look at the factors that influence them.

The pictures in the middle of a radial bar graph that is eye catching and colors that complement each other. The main drawback of visual however, and the reason I talk about it, is … mobile.

Now make no mistake, UX on the phone Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth for this part is good. The data is clear and easy to read, pictures and colors are still good. Successfully.

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