PPC world is constantly moving landscape and with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook took a direction in which automation is becoming more and more prominent. skills in analysis, design and copywriting need, the role of PPC specialists Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield are becoming increasingly diverse. That’s where Photoshop comes in.Photoshop training for PPC
Part of the diversity of this expanding this role now includes the need to offer creative services. Now it is no secret that today there are options for automatic creative creatures at a platform like Google Ads Display Ads in the form Responsive. However, these are often limited in terms of who really represents the company’s brand and message in a cookie-cutter template.

As a result, we decided to roll out the Photoshop training in a global team of Search Marketing PPC us to ensure that we are able to meet the growing quota for creative assets.

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5 things to consider when using Adobe Photoshop for PPC
With Adobe Creative Suite becomes famous industry standard when it comes to creative and design, we take a deep dive into the Photoshop software and how this versatile tool can be used for a variety of our creative projects. Most people know how Photoshop is a giant in terms of functionality and capability, so only some of the topics we covered include:

  1. Size & Resolution
    People like Google Ads are very particular when it comes to the size of the Display Network creative uploaded to their systems. They have strict limits on the dimensions and size of the files and the GSM team to become familiar with creating Photoshop files of any size and aspect ratio, while recalling that the resolution 72ppi file perfect for digital display.
  2. Layers and Masking
    One of the more confusing concepts; Our Photoshop training covering the basics of layers and how to properly organize and prioritize layers in PSD (Photoshop Document) file. We then tapping on the ‘masking’ layer to add overlapping effects are different for different examples of image ads.
  3. Text Tool
    Typography and fonts into one of the pillars of the company’s brand, GSM teams now have an understanding of the importance of Photoshop Text Tool to manipulate various text elements to achieve the desired effect or appearance.
  4. Raster, Vector and Smart Objects
    Images and photos often given to our assets from clients and this can come in any format. training we discuss how you can edit and manipulate different types of files – with vectors and smart objects (often company logos) is able to expand and warp to fit the size variations with more ease than raster graphics.
  5. The static image Vs. GIF
    GSM team can now create both static and moving images to develop Google and Facebook ads. Using Photoshop window ‘Timeline’, our PPC specialists can now incorporate several PSD files to generate a set of the more interesting of the creative images that can be used in various advertising network.

While automation and machine learning may be slowly forming industry PPC and Digital Marketing, an argument can be made that there will always be a need for organic creativity that can not be replaced by an algorithm. Success training day Photoshop Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield has added another string to the bow and the wider PPC specialist teams GSM.

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