With the number of cases of coronavirus UK now exceeds 100,000, the odd and surreal environment to navigate. Coronavirus pandemic has forced a change of course for the kind Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham of thing we are looking for online, with things like I can leave my house? and what social distance? becoming the norm. Not to mention, a Google search bizarre that has emerged since the beginning of 2020.

But how strange, and how exactly have we search behavior has changed since the virus reappeared in the UK? Reboot sought to investigate!

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  1. Methodology
  2. Results: Improving Topics
  3. Results: Decrease Topics
  4. Search more Google Strange Pictures
  5. The results of the US
    By researching the trending topics and measure the interest, this search term list compiled *. Each of the terms included in Google Trends and analyzed for the past 90 days to measure the growth or decline them. Then, working with raw data values ​​from SEMRush, search topics that have increased and decreased since the introduction of the coronavirus that can be revealed.

strange Google search that has increased in popularity

    With gym sessions are now out of the question, this has resulted in a whopping increase of 3600% in the search for sports equipment hire. As the term with the largest increase, it seems that many Brits eager to replicate the set-up of their home gym.

The results prove we are also more than missing a variety of British food has a bid. food related searches dominate the second, third, fourth, fifth, and ninth most increases the topic, as well as 13, 14, 17 and the 19 of the top 20. For example, the pub gives food near my rose 3100% and fish and chips near me 2900%, the last Google search bizarre that even in lockdown highlights our obsession with British classics.

In fifth place, another strange Google search in 2250 increased 90% during the period is the thing that makes the flour. Shortage of flour in the UK seems to remain a problem, with the more common flour also rose 690% in 14th place.

struggle to find things to do for the house is underway, with a cake recipe to 2500%, and in particular the banana cake has 321% more searches on Google than before.

other Google search trending including:

Coronavirus drugs – + 1700%
delivery of local agriculture – + 900%
delivery online pharmacy – + 700%
Cycle route – + 400%
strange Google search that has declined in popularity

    Reversing the data, there are also some strange Google search to reduce the topic during the last 90 days.

Not surprisingly, the search terms with the biggest decline in the flower city break. Understandably, the holiday weekend was most of our priorities right now.

And in the second joint is travel insurance, cinema times, and a taxi to the airport, all down 97% since the beginning of the study. While surprising to see the decline of interest for vacationers and cinema times, assumedly Brits will still need to consider their insurance policy when canceling the trip?

On 20 biggest drop in the interest goes to cover breakdown. Down 80% since the beginning of the year, the Brits do not intend to need assistance in damages. Perhaps this is simply because fewer people are in the streets, or perhaps it is a serious indicator that measures the lockdown is due to remain in place longer.

Other topics of interest include the comic con in seventh place (down 93%), prom dresses in 16th place (down 85%), and the dog show in 19th place (down 82%) – a little to the interests of the usual online English ,

    Google search results related to the Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham extent to represent a mix of surprising and less surprising. But like a lot of these Reboot study has interesting results.

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