We have launched hundreds, if not thousands, digital PR campaign – too many to count. Some of which Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth exceeded all expectations and KPIs were destroyed, while some just did not stick. It’s safe to say that most of the digital marketing company, like us, have been planned, launched and awaited the results to the press release, only to be disappointed when it falls flat; loss of key links and placement needed to meet your client KPIs. But is there a way to re-launch digital marketing campaigns fail?

We think so. As much as it is important to shout about our achievements, it is equally important to highlight that the campaign did not do enough and hope. From experience, clients want to know us a transparent and honest, because not every online marketing campaign get results, we think it deserves.

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Over the past few years, we have included several steps in our campaign strategy to help all of the campaign remains on track – even if the odds are not in our favor.

Aharony Shai, MD of Reboot shares some insight as well!

First and foremost, evaluate whether your campaign has a strong angle to start. Take the time to read your campaign again and get someone who has not seen it to check it. Sometimes it helps to print your press releases and scribble notes on it, to get a clearer view of your campaign. Highlight keywords / and or the corner of your heart – if you find it is not quite clear, perhaps you never quick angle from the start. This makes it more difficult for journalists to the spot, when it should be easy and handed to them on a plate.

Remind yourself of the relevance of the campaign – whether it was related to the niche of your clients? If not, this could be a factor that applies to why journalists might not pick it up?
Is your data is simple, clear and easy to digest? If you have a visual aid, you must ensure that journalists can deduce the angle of the chart without the accompanying press release.
These are all questions you need to ponder. And where necessary, switch it. It could be to change one element (however large or small) can be your saving grace!

Be realistic and target the right journalists / publications

  • The saying ‘go hard or go home’ can apply for digital PR specialist work, but not in all cases. If your campaign is showing signs of fatigue and burn, maybe it’s because you outreach in mass or publication unrealistic.
  • Take a step back and evaluate your outreach – digital PR team we like to make a map of outreach mind. Establish who you want your press release outreach – and ask yourself if there are some niches that would be interested.
  • It may be that there are several levels for example tabloid publications, lifestyle magazines and specialized outlet sector, which may have a slightly lower flow DA and confidence but much more relevant to clients and research.
  • It’s easy to get carried away, but when assessing the potential success rate of your digital marketing campaigns, it is important to bring your campaign back to reality and cover all its bases. You never know, one man and one link of the news publication mediocre could be a game-changing difference to secure the link elsewhere!

Personality and becomes personal to go far

We know how annoying can receive unwanted emails in our personal account, so try and avoid doing the same to journalists you are trying to build a relationship with.

If you fall behind digital PR campaign, outreach emails you should your first point of call. When outreach Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth campaign, more or less – to avoid a huge list of email contacts where you seem impersonal.

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