Site visitors do not want to wade through page after page of irrelevant listings to find what they are looking for. They want to be quick and easy to browse and buy products that they are in interested.

Faceted navigation – supply filter products that enable customers to refine their search – is a great way to increase user journey online.

Allows customers to personalize their shopping experience and save time, the search was filtered e-commerce tool that can increase profits for the long term. You just have to execute properly.

Search our top tips for effective Filtered navigation below.

Decided to use the product filter
For each product category, you have Digital Marketing Company Bath to think about the filter to be useful. What features your customers really care?

Many customers will have a budget, and will not be interested in the item is too expensive – or in some cases, too cheap. Give them the flexibility to set the range, rather than simply providing a restrictive price categories such as B & Q

ASOS solution is a slim slider, but it can be difficult to use on touchscreen devices.

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Debenhams allows users to simply type in the minimum and maximum prices, or use standard categories for speed.

customer ratings
According to Dimensional Research, 88% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Nielsen found that 40% of online shoppers will not buy electronics without reading reviews first.

Some customers simply will not buy products that are not reviewed, or a bad review. That is why the average value of customers such as Argos filter can be a great navigation tool.

Shop with bid
Allowing customers to shop with an offer, so that they can easily see what products are eligible for different transactions. Ocado solution gives users a slick experience.

Product specifications
Think about the specifications of the products that are important to your customers. Amazon allows shoppers to filter books by language, format, author and subject, while toys are categorized by age ranges, brands and characters.

How to present the product filter
Users who are familiar with the filter located in the left sidebar, so we recommend using this format. IKEA is on, and easy to miss.

Categories should be in order of importance (most to least frequently used), with each filter in sorted intuitively. When there are many options, consider looking at all the tabs as Ebay to keep things tidy.

Make sure the amount of each filter gives stated in parenthesis, so that customers can see the selection narrowing and becoming more manageable. Hide filter that does not produce any results, so customers can see what is available at a glance.

Finally, make sure that the applying and removing filters is quick and easy. Users will be frustrated if there are long load times between each click, or if the selection filter is too fiddly on the smartphone.

accurate metadata is key
For faceted navigation to work efficiently, you have to invest time in accurate product categorization.

Failed to include all the appropriate meta tags, and users will not see any relevant results after applying the filter – which meant missed sales.

In the category of compact digital camera at Currys, there are 131 results but only 121 have been categorized by the number of megapixels. Therefore, visitors who use this filter to lose up to ten matching results.

Miscategorisation is a bigger problem than non-categorization, such as hiding relevant results from multiple users, while delivering results that are not suitable for others.

Enabling multiple filters
For flexibility, allowing users to apply filters as much as they like. This will ensure they are able to find any potential results in one search, making it easy to compare different options.

Because it is not allowing the Digital Marketing Company in Bath

selection of the checkboxes in the category filter, tablet buyers can not see the 7 “and 8” screen sizes. They should look at all .

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