Although millions of users involved and the age of the extraordinary lengths to social media content, small and medium enterprises are still often overlook Pinterest as a valuable Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath platforms. In a recent study Pinterest, 70% of those surveyed said that they use Pinterest to find new products and they find that the platform drive traffic 200% more referrals to your site from Twitter shopping. Add to this that 72% say Pinterest inspire them to shop when they are not really looking for something and it is not surprising that the larger business are increasingly using it as part of the arsenal of their social media but how SMEs can use to promote your brand or business?

Ensure Your Customers Are On Pinterest
While Pinterest can be a very useful social media channels, it will not work for you or your business if your customers are not there or use it in the way you need them to so you need to do your research. Pinterest is a platform-oriented lifestyle that is very aspirational and inspirational. If you are mainly or purely business to business platform that Pinterest is not right for you. However, if your business has a personal element or lifestyle then you should definitely consider it and put it in your social media strategy.

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Who Your Customers On Pinterest?
To be successful in social media you have to understand who your audience is and Pinterest is no exception to this. demographics alone is not enough, however, you also need to understand how your customers use Pinterest and what they use it for. Basically, Pinterest is image-driven, but that does not mean that you can not create different types of content for your audience. Once you know what they are looking for, so that what is more likely to lead to you, you can start to really add value to a variety of content. Blog, How to guides, tips, information, and product or service specific content can all be used to improve board and pin. If your customer started pinning it will give you a better idea of ​​the type of content they prefer.

Get Right Pins
As an image-based platform, it is really important that you look good image. Always be careful of the correct size (2: 3 ratio optimally as Pinterest) and make sure your image does not appear blurred. Make sure that your Pin description keyword rich, including a call to action where relevant and do not forget your hashtag. It is the quality of your individual Pins audience that will lead you to your Pinterest profile. Pin also have life cycles are usually long when compared to other social media channels. According HootSuite, Pins can last for seven months on average, a big improvement on Twitter seven minutes.

Get Your Current Boards
Once you have attracted your audience to your profile board you really can make a difference to how your customers perceive you. One major difference Pinterest on other platforms is that your customers can choose to follow either everything (to follow your profile) or just special interests (by following the selected board). Boards should always varied and should not only display your products and services. Think about related topics that your customers have an interest in and included Pins and Boards are related but not competing. Pinterest is all about the discovery of this so other Pins will still cause your audience to you even if they do not always know what they are looking for a particular brand or service. Wedding Planner Always Andri, for example, has a number of different boards that help pull traffic to their profile. This Digital Marketing Company in Bath includes the idea of ​​wedding hairstyles, bridesmaid dress and the board as a more generic architecture of London and inspirational quotes about love.

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